Pagan Halloween Wedding @ Larmer Tree

Halloween Theme

Lea explained to Rock n Roll Bride, “Mazz and I both adore Halloween, and coming from a pagan family myself, I’d always enjoyed making a big celebration of Samhain growing up. As Mazz and I also both love Tim Burton films, especially The Nightmare Before Christmas, it was a no brainer to take inspiration from it for our wedding. We also both love fantasy, so getting to incorporate fancy dress ticked that box for us too.”

Getting Ready

Lea & Mazz decided they wanted to get ready together, so rented a house near Larmer Tree, for everyone to enjoy the morning together.

First Look

They still wanted the big reveal moment, the moment they see their partner all dressed up in their wedding best. Instead of waiting for the ceremony, they decided to have a first look, just the two of them, well maybe a few cheeky bridesmaids peeked through the window.

The Autumn Glow

These two were so excited about their wedding, we were at Larmer Tree before the Registrars! Rather than wait, we decided to enjoy the autumn light and do their couple’s photos before the ceremony.

Legal Ceremony

The legal ceremony was held inside of the Roman Temple, with just their closest family as witnesses.

Pagan Ceremony

With all of their guests in their Halloween best, everyone gathered in the Jubilee Hall for the real ceremony. The hall had even been decorated with pumpkins that had been carved by the guests. The wedding party all wore masks, with the Bridesmaids’ masks representing the four elements.

The ceremony included personal vows, a handfasting, and jumping the broom.


Lea had been drying flowers for months, for the most aromatic confetti moment I have ever shot.

Afternoon Celebrations

With warm happy cider and hot chocolate, the celebrations began, and of course, with a distinct Halloween twist.

Group Photos

We were not about to do traditional group photos! But for me, the funniest thing about these group photos will always be that we stopped the moment we spotted the waiter from Forking Out walk past with a tray of spicy parsnip soup shots. I’ve never seen a wedding party pounce so quickly, but the soup really was that good!

Speeches & Lunch

With the weather cooling, it was time to take the party inside for lunch and beautiful speeches.

Trick Or Treat

With the night getting dark, there was only two things left to do; dance the night away, and devour a lot of Halloween candy!

Supplier Shout Outs

Photography: Lotus Photography

Venue: Larmer Tree, Wiltshire

Bride’s Dress: Essense of Australia

Bridal Boutique: Chameleon Bride

Bride’s Shoes: Hades Footwear

Mask: Beyond Masquerade

Cake: Krispy Kreme

Flowers: Bae Garden via Etsy

Catering: Forking Out

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