Mel & Ed’s Sopley Mill Wedding

Laughter & Love

What can I say about Mel & Ed, except that these two love life! Their infectious laughter and mischief never stop, bringing smiles to everyone around them. So of course their big day at Sopley Mill, was full of laughter and mischief.

Bridal Prep

Mel got ready in Sopley Mill’s Bridal suite surrounded by her friends.

As everyone was getting ready, the conversation about how to use the loo whilst wearing a wedding dress started. “Oh, that’s what the Ikea bag is for”.

Yep, we spent the morning laughing.

Groom Prep

Ed & his Groomsmen arrived suited and booted, and clutching a packed lunch (something I now think is essential for every wedding party). They spent the morning relaxing by the river, laughing, discussing the proposal, and munching on sausage rolls.

The Ceremony

Safe to say, everyone cried (including me) during this beautiful ceremony.

Human Tunnel

Because of the river, Sopley Mill has a strict no confetti rule, not to worry though as your crazy wedding photographer had an idea! Mel & Ed play roller derby, and there is a tradition in roller derby which I thought would work just as well…the human tunnel!

Afternoon Celebrations

With the sun shining and the sound of the river, guests enjoyed playing cornhole whilst sipping on cocktails. The Groomsmen did have one last task, to get the arch from the ceremony room to the garden in one piece.

The Wedding Party

There was no way we were going to do traditional lineup-style group photos.

Instead, let the chaos REIGN!!!

Our Newlyweds

After all the mischief, I took Mel & Ed to the river bank for a moment to take in their wedding day.


I knew these speeches were going to be fun, filled with stories, laughter and happy tears, but something happened that not even I’ve seen before.

Ed’s Best Man pulled out a guitar and announced that Ed had written a special song for his bride (a total fib!) and gave Ed the mic and a blank piece of paper. Fair play Ed, on the spot and completely blind sided, he came up with something for his Bride.

Have You Seen The Marvel Movies?

Full of mischievous giggles the Bridesmaids & Groomsmen asked if I had seen the Marvel movies. Obviously. “Cos we’d like to recreate the fight scene for a photo.”

It started with an epic battle, then a show of strength, followed by the Haka, and then the Groomsmen showing they knew how to do the Bride’s makeup.

Dancing Shoes

You knew these guys would be ROCKING the dance floor!


To rest our dancing feet, we went outside for some sparklers. As well as the traditional sparkler tunnel, our Newlyweds enjoyed a quick moment Harry Potter inspired duel (#HufflepuffsRule).

Pizza Art

Rather than a traditional evening buffet, there was a delivery of Dominos pizza! But with the sunset being so beautiful, we decided the pizza needed to be honoured too with some artistic photos.


After what can only be described as a fantastic wedding day, our newlyweds took a quiet moment to enjoy the sunset.

But what about the Ikea bag?

It may not have been used for the wedding dress hack we all see on Pinterest, but don’t worry, the Ikea bag wasn’t forgotten.
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