About Me

Hi, I’m Emily ‘Emmy’, I’m the crazy redhead with the camera.

I’ve been living in Bournemouth, Dorset, since 2014, making Bournemouth the longest I’ve held the same postcode since I was a kid. I travel the UK and abroad, capturing fun, relaxed, modern photography.

I created Lotus Photography because, not only do I love photography, but I really wanted to get people celebrating and loving their unique selves.

#ShowYourUniqueStyle is my motto in photography and in life. No cookie-cutter photoshoots here! I work with you to create the photoshoot that makes you feel truly celebrated for being you.

Adventures & Galleries

Being a photographer is never boring.

One week you’re photographing a wedding, the next you’re photographing a rock band, roller derby, wine tasting, who knows!

Let’s just say, my job is full of adventure and mischief.

See my latest adventures and galleries here