English Wedding Awards 2024


The English Wedding Awards 2024!

I was a finalist for not one, not two, but for THREE awards in the 2024 English Wedding Awards, held in Birmingham.

Wedding Suppliers from across the country are nominated for their work in the industry. I was nominated for:

Wedding Photographer of the Year South East (I won this in 2023)

Outstanding Photographer of the Year National Level

Couples Choice National Level

I’ll be honest, the one I was most excited about was the Couples Choice award, as it’s not just for photographers. This award judges all suppliers in the wedding industry, and the organisers described it to me as being “highly rated by couples so you will have great reviews / really go above and beyond for your couples”. Plus this was the first year that this had been category, and I made the top 10 by being a finalist.

Little Blog Of My Adventure

Lots of you always ask about these awards, so I figured I would take some snaps of my time using my phone camera. I never use my phone camera, so this was a bit fun.

Before the awards though, I had to write my supporting evidence for each category. I filled it with photos, reviews, my policies, charity work, and of course, my #ShowYourUniqueStyle mission statement. This was judged along with a public vote, which lots of you voted towards <3

By the morning of the awards, I was nervous! But my Bestie had sent me the perfect mug to enjoy my coffee with before I set off.


Travelling Up To Birmingham

Can you even say you’ve been to Bournemouth Train Station if you don’t get your coffee from The Little Green Coffee Box?

As it was a 3 hour train ride, I took the chance to watch the new Martha Stewart MasterClass. I had no idea how big her empire is!


The Cube Hotel

I never thought I would ever have to use this hashtag, but #Gifted. I know, I still can’t believe it either.

It turns out The Cube Hotel, Birmingham, is linked to a hotel I know well in Bournemouth. When they found out about the awards, they sent me a message saying the awards were around the corner from them, so they would hook me up with a room. If that was shocking enough, the room, was jaw-dropping!!! I have never stayed in a room like that before, and the views were insane. Just, insane.

Getting Ready

I had torn my rotar cuff a couple of weeks before the awards, so I couldn’t even brush my hair, let alone get ready for the awards.

Luckily, Nicola Honey Artistry was available and she was totally up for getting me ready, make up and of course, my trade mark braid.

Hands down, she is far superior at braiding than me!!! I even slept in that braid, and rocked it the entire next day.


Award Time

A quick photo and then we were immediately ushered into the event room. I was sat at the front row, I swear it was ‘cos they knew I was one of the naughty ones lol.

Presented by Tommy Sandhu, he had everyone up and laughing, as well as a bit of karaoke!

After the meal, it was time for my categories…


I Won Second Place!!!!

I won Highly Commended in the Couples Choice Award!!!!

I was so happy, as this was the award I was most excited about.

Thank you so much to Niche Flowers Leicester for filming it for me <3

Breakfast Of Champions

The next day I decided to enjoy my win by taking in the views at The Cube, and a very tasty breakfast.

So there you have it, a day at the English Wedding Awards.

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me for, I still can’t believe it <3 <3

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