What is #ShowYourUniqueStyle?

Who here likes skinny jeans? I don’t. I’m a wide-leg jeans person, trust me, if JNCO jeans were still available I would have a wardrobe full of them. That’s just me.

It’s the same with photography, for years everyone had to wear matching outfits and be posed neat and tidy in front of the camera. For some, formal attire is divine, that’s their love, their passion, but it’s not for everyone.

I want to take photos that show the world who YOU are. Not what I think, not what fashion thinks, not what the lady 4 doors down thinks you should be, but what you think.

If you want to SCREAM and shout and be wild during your shoots, do that, show that crazy side. If you are still and quiet, then don’t be afraid to show it. If you love music, I’ll listen. If you love to bake, then I’ll try it. If you love to run, I’ll try and keep up. If you love to read, then tell me a story, because it’s your story I want to capture.

All of the Lotus Photography packages will be created with you, you call the shots! This means that there are no cookie-cutter photo shoots, I’m open to hearing your ideas to really create something unique and personal.

That’s why I created the hashtag #ShowYourUniqueStyle, it’s not about the clothes you wear, it’s about capturing a photo that truly shows your awesome amazing beautiful kickass unique self.

Always #ShowYourUniqueStyle

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