Life’s A Vintage Beach

LeMaitre is launching their new summer line of vintage clothes! Well, I wasn’t going to miss that. Bright colours, flattering designs with a flirty twist, I really need to up my wardrobe to match this level of style.

We met up with the amazing Wendy from Dolly’s Vintage Makeovers for our models to be pampered for our shoot. I have only ever worn false eyelashes once and they looked like hairy caterpillars. Wendy delicately applies each individual lash! The effect was stunning.

As you can see from the behind the scenes photos, Mags, LeMaitre’s designer, was having all sorts of fun with last-minute alterations and rocking our favourite authentic 50s straw hat.

We headed down the beach for the shoot, but as an extra treat, the amazing Classic Cars On The Prom arrived with two beautiful vintage cars! I know nothing about cars, but these were stunning.

The shoot was in April, APRIL, and look at the weather! We couldn’t have picked a better day! Although apologies to our model, Jax, I swear I didn’t realise the water was that cold when I asked you to paddle in it!

Having a beach hut in Bournemouth is considered a thing of luxury, so I was thrilled that we were kindly lent one for the shoot. Time for a spot of tea, some cakes and a quick read of some vintage magazines.

You can see the new LeMaitre summer line on her Facebook page and on her Etsy page.

Interested in a vintage fashion shoot of your own? Click here for more details.
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