Wedding Tips & Tricks Part 2

Planning your big day can be overwhelming, but there’s no need to worry, here are tip wedding planning tips from myself as well as other amazing wedding suppliers.

Oh! And don’t forget to check out Part 1 of the series, which has even more top tips!

1 – Check When Sunset Is

“When planning your wedding, check what time sunset is before you finalise your timeline.

Knowing this will help you work out the best time for photos, as well as working out whether you need additional outdoor lighting, whether you want your entertainment outside or inside, or little things like blankets to keep guests warm outside when the sun goes down.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

2 – Bouquets & Buttons Holes

“My top tip is for anyone holding a bouquet, the position you hold it is key, you don’t want to hide behind it, so we use the phrase “p*bes not boobs”.
Also with buttonholes & corsages, men wear it on the left, and women on the right, easy way to remember is “women are always right” lol” – Jay, Floral Couture By Jay

3 – Signature Scent 

“Studies have shown that smells have a fantastic way of triggering memories, so why not have a special perfume or aftershave that will always remind you of your wedding day.

For those of you that already have a signature scent, use that to your advantage! Write your love a letter for them to read whilst they are getting ready, and make sure you give it a couple spays of your signature scent. In the wise words of Elle Woods “Oh, and it’s scented! I think it gives it a little something extra, don’t you think?”.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

4 – When To Shop For A Dress

“Most brides do not realise that gowns are made to order for them and they can take between 2-6 months to be made (depending on the Designer). In addition, you need to allow approx 2-3 months for alterations. Shopping for your dress approx 12 months before your big day is the best time as it allows you the most choice (you never want to hear those words – we cannot get your dream dress in time for your big day!)” – Anneliese, Chameleon Bride

5 – Picking Your Wedding Venue

“When choosing your wedding venue be sure to choose somewhere that suits you as a couple, it’s your wedding day after all!
Create a shortlist and then view the top contenders, try not to view too many, after all you can only choose one and too many to choose from can be overwhelming!
And finally, take time to think about it. Most venues will allow you to hold a date for a short while, so do this, talk to friends and family and ensure it’s the perfect venue for you before securing the date!” – Amy, Larmer Tree 

6 – You Do You When It Comes To Your Ceremony!

“Your wedding day is about you making the commitment to get married. Sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? But it’s not uncommon to hear people say “Let’s get the boring ceremony out of the way so we can get the party started!” This makes me want to cry “WHYYY” a la Outkast.

You two unique people, at that precise moment, on that one day, choosing the person you’re choosing for life, is the whole reason the wedding day exists! So that moment should be just right for you. You don’t need to follow a formula, please anyone, or grimace while the words “sexual union” are uttered in front of your uncle.

To help decide on your ceremony, consider the values or background that make your relationship what it is:

  • Is religion important to you? Then work with your religious leader to focus on the role religion plays and how to make the ceremony really “you”.
  • Is the legal element key to you? Then explore your options for legal ceremonies and how to make them as personal as possible. You should be able to include readings and music that means a lot to you.
  • Do you want to tailor your ceremony and have it focus on you as a couple and the unique moment that is your wedding? Consider a celebrant-led ceremony. (they can also add personal stories, dogs, drinks, dancing, fun locations and laughter, lots of laughter).
  • Is there somewhere special to you, specific people you want to be involved, music that makes your heart happy?

My tip is to spend time together thinking about what that commitment means to you, and the perfect way to make it. Imagine it’s 10 years’ time and someone asks you to describe your ceremony – what 3 words would you like to use?” – Libby, Celebrant Libby

7 – Non-Alcoholic-Drinks

 “The truth is, not everyone drinks alcohol, and if booze isn’t your thing, there are lots of options.
This year I’ve been to several alcohol-free weddings, and I’ve seen some great alternatives such as a hot fruit punch, and of course, a wedding-coffee-van!
So serve drinks that you, your partner, and your guests will love, rather than serving drinks that you think SHOULD be served.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

8 – Nails

“To get your natural nails in tip-top condition for your big day, start working with a nail technician a few months in advance (especially if you want to grow them). You should ideally see them every 2-3 weeks for regular maintenance. You can get a head start on nail health, growth, and strength by using a good nail oil daily – apply it regularly throughout the day.” – Charlotte, Charlotte Nails It 

9 – Choosing Your Wedding Hair Style

“When searching for hair inspiration try to find styles that have a similar colour to your own, as the same style can vary on different hair colours” – Victoria,  Victoria Nightingale Hair

10 – Something For Younger Guests

“If you have young children on your guest list, then a good idea to keep them entertained during the wedding breakfast is to use something kid-friendly for their table favours. So the adults might have lovely little bottles of alcohol or mints, but the children could have a pack of stickers or some crayons.
This should keep them busy for at least 10 minutes!!” – Holly, Entwine Wedding Planning

11 – Not A Sweet Tooth?

“Why not consider an alternative cake for your day? This can also be incorporated into your wedding breakfast, but still give you have that classic cutting the cake moment” Kayleigh, @jurassiccoastcheesecakes

12 – Live Streaming Your Wedding

 “We’re still living with restrictions on travel and some events, so live streaming your wedding is a trend that is still with us.
Here are some tips:
🎥 Did you know that some videographers actually offer this as a service now? It is well worth checking out before asking friends, as although phones are great, sound can be tricky.
🎥 Set up a dedicated private group to stream to rather than someone’s personal social media.
🎥Do you want the entire day live-streamed? That’s a lot for one friend and their phone. Consider splitting it and creating a streaming schedule, one person streams the ceremony, another streams the speeches, etc.
🎥Check the wifi connection before the big day!
🎥Check permissions. Not every venue will allow you to live stream, or will ask that only a professional photographer or videographer does it.
🎥 Chat to your professional photographer or videographer first. Most of us are used to people live streaming weddings, but it’s worth a heads up so we can work out how everyone can get the best shot.
🎥 Invest in a tripod, trust me, your arms will get tired!” – Emily, Lotus Photography

13 – Styles & Themes 

“When you just don’t know where to start, simply look around and take note of what you enjoy in life… colour, styles, foods, flowers, travel. Things that are yours, your passions, and your likes. This will help your stylists, planners, florists, or any supplier you work with to understand you and to truly make the day about you both creating a perfect wedding day.” Katie, Style And Wonder

14 – Remembering Loved Ones

 “Not being able to have those you love at your wedding is truly heartbreaking.
In Part 1 of Wedding Tips & Tricks, I mentioned how you can include your loved ones by wearing their jewellery, having their photos on display, or serving their favourite treat. But this year I saw a really beautiful way of remembering someone, so decided to include it in Part 2.
Amber had found a note from her Father amongst his things, just a small post-it. She had his handwriting printed on the ribbon, and tied it proudly around her bouquet.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

15 – Designing Your Invites

“Your wedding invitation is your guests’ first glimpse of your wedding style and first taster into your day before it has even begun! It makes your guests feel special receiving it and creates the buzz for your special day.
Choose a wedding invitation design that tells a story of you both and reflects your chosen theme of the day (Classic? Seasonal?, Minimalist? Rustic? Type of venue?). Once your theme has been chosen, your colour palette will follow – use this to set the mood on the invite!
Key Tips:
💌Pinterest of course is the best way to find inspiration and curate your top choices of style – there is no limit to creativity for invitations!
💌It is never too early to start looking at wedding stationery design as allows time for changing your mind/getting as much inspiration as possible.
💌Don’t crowd the card – only use key information
💌PROOF READ your invite – This is the biggest rookie for having them printed with mistakes on
💌Determine your invitation number by how many addresses you have on your list as couples and families can be grouped together, that way you won’t way over order”

16 – Pick Your Non-Negotiables

“My main advice would be for both people to write a list of their non-negotiables and the things they don’t really give two hoots about (eg We have to have a 2 headed llama… but I really don’t care whether we eat a proper 3-course sit down meal). Do this separately and then compare lists. Find out what is really important to both of you as a couple and what you really don’t need to waste time and money on.” – Sarah, Biscuits by Sarah B

17 – Team Wedding Rather Than Wedding Gifts

 “Rather than asking for wedding gifts, why not ask for people to help with your wedding to-do list?
Ask friends and family to help with simple things like picking up centre pieces, driving Granny to the reception, or help setting everything up.
This takes some of the pressure off you, creates a real sense of community for your wedding, plus you don’t end up with 50 gravy boats!” – Emily, Lotus Photography

18 – Consider A Second Shooter

“Second shooters can really enhance the coverage you get on your wedding day.
It’s not just extra images. It’s another lens working to really preserve those once-in-a-lifetime moments, covering different angles, and even different locations if needed.
Your photography duo work together, bringing to life more cherished moments during your celebrations.” – Lea, Von C Photography

19 – CAKE!

 “Bridal couples shouldn’t be afraid to be creative with the cake flavours in their wedding cake.
I love it when a couple say they really want a cake to include this flavour, or how can we make this taste good together? I love rising to the challenge!!”.” – Angela, Mon Bel Amour

20 – Seasonal Flowers

“Go seasonal and go mixed, that way you’ll get the best of what British Flowers can offer.
If you’re unsure about what’s in season and what’s looking really good for your wedding date, then visit your local Flower Farm the year before for inspiration” – Dan, Brothers Farm

21 – Fluffy Slippers

 “This is a new trend that I am LOVING at the moment!
If you think your wedding shoes might pinch towards the end of the day (seriously, remember to break them in before your wedding), then rather than having flip flops which not everyone finds comfortable, have a pair of slippers on hand! I’ve had more than one bride change out of her wedding shoes and rock the fluffiest slippers this year.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

22 – First Look

 “OK, I confess, I’m team first look, I just love them!
A first look is having a private moment BEFORE the ceremony with your partner.
I know, it’s a break from tradition, but let me explain why I love them so much:
⭐You don’t always get enough to truly appreciate all the little details in your partner’s wedding attire. This gives you a moment to really check out how AMAZING they look on your wedding day.
⭐It can help your timeline. If you’re getting married later in the day, things can feel really rushed. Having a first look means you’ve already done your photos, so it’s one less thing to do later.
⭐Calms the nerves. Every time I’ve shot a first look, after the photos, I always leave my couples alone for a few moments. This means they can relax, chat, calm nerves, and most of the time, have a cup of coffee together before the wedding begins.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

23 – Have A Designated Helpful Person

“Not everyone can afford a Wedding Planner, however, an On the Day Coordinator is affordable and will greatly reduce your stress and bring youof mind meaning you don’t have to worry about a thing!” Sam, Southcoast_Weddings

24 – How to Find Trusted and Professional Wedding Suppliers

“Let’s be honest, when it comes to planning a wedding, it’s mind-boggling isn’t it?! Don’t get us wrong, you’ll have the most fun ever, but just how do you start your wedding planning journey and find the perfect wedding supplier for you?
Here are our top tips!
💐Set your location. If you’re having a destination wedding in Greece, you probably won’t be able to have your local florist create a fresh flower bouquet.
💐Word of mouth is incredibly powerful, so ask friends and family, or even suppliers you’ve already booked if they can recommend someone.
💐Wedding Directories are a great place to start. At Wedding Fix, our ethos is to showcase trusted and professional wedding suppliers who are also eco-friendly.
💐Check Social Media. On Instagram, you can search using hashtags such as #bohobride #bohowedding.
💐 Wedding fairs, open days, and showcases are another great way to meet suppliers face to face.
💐Wedding magazines are a fun way to gain inspiration and find wedding suppliers through styled shoots or listings. The Wedding Fix Digital Magazine is packed with supplier recommendations, styled shoots by Bridal Reloved boutiques and suppliers.” – Laura, Wedding Fix Directory

25 – Make A Statement With Flowers

“Try not to spread your flower budget too thin; rather than lots of little bud vases or tiny chair ends, go for a couple of dramatic statement pieces that will add a wow factor as your guests enter the room.
Also, don’t play it safe; inject colour and texture to create interest – play with colour palettes, rather than just one key colour.” Rhiannon, Willow and Wisps

26 – Feel AMAZING In The Dress

“Every bride wants to find a dress that they look amazing in.
When you find that dress, ask yourself, do you also feel comfortable wearing it?
Some brides wear their dress for hours from the morning until late into the night. If you’re one of these brides, make sure to buy a dress that doesn’t make you self conscious and uncomfortable. You don’t want to worry about the straps falling down or be yanking down your dress because it’s so tight that it climbs up when you walk. This could ruin your wedding day. Choosing a dress that makes you feel comfortable is as important as choosing a dress that makes you feel beautiful. A comfortable dress makes you feel confident.
I always say that you want a dress that is so comfortable that you forget that you’re wearing a wedding dress. When years down the line you go back to your wedding pictures, you want to remember how beautiful and fun the day was, not how uncomfortable you felt wearing your dress.” – Miina, Indie Bride London

27 – Start New Traditions

“We all know “something old, something blue” but why not start your own tradition?
One of my favourites is when guests sneakily place bets on how long certain speeches will be. Trust me, when you’re the one who guesses right, it’s worth celebrating!” –Emily, Lotus Photography

28 – Surprise Readings

“Beautiful readings can make ceremonies wonderful. They also create an opportunity for you to invite someone close to you to play a special part in your day. You could consider making that part even more magical by asking them to find, read or even write a reading especially for you, that they’ll share on the day. Your celebrant can work with them to make it work perfectly. It’s a privilege for them, a special surprise for you, and an absolute treat for your guests. Warning though: dry eyes are uncommon in this situation.” – Libby, Celebrant Libby

29 – Clean Up

“You’ve spent so much time thinking about all those gorgeous, unique touches to make your day truly spectacular, but have you thought about the clean-up? Check with your venue about who is responsible for cleaning up, and when they need it done.
No joke, I was a bridesmaid once, and we didn’t check when we had to tidy up. Turns out, it was immediately after the reception, so EVERYTHING was put in my hotel room the moment last orders at the bar were called.
If all else fails, I highly recommend having a stash of big plastic boxes or Ikea bags on hand for a quick clean-up.
Oh! And don’t forget to have a responsible friend in charge of collecting any cards or gifts.” – Emily, Lotus Photography

30 – Oh Honey Honey, Honeymooning Patience Is A Virture

“Although it’s tempting to pack up and get away right after your wedding for a much-needed break as newlyweds, you may want to seriously think about delaying your honeymoon until a few months after your big day. This gives you something to look forward to after the wedding hype and is one less thing to pack in the run-up to the wedding.

Instead, UK mini moon for a couple of nights for some together time after your wedding is a great stop-gap until you venture abroad later perhaps!
As the honeymoon is possibly one of the biggest holidays you will ever go on together and is such a memorable holiday, here are a few tips on where to start to plan:
✈️Write a list of your dream honeymoon destinations together to find a middle ground
✈️What’s your style of adventure or relaxation or both?
✈️What time of year can you go? This will narrow down the list based on weather
✈️Budget budget budget – always set a budget that is realistic
✈️ All-inclusive, half board, or self-catering?
✈️What are the musthaves – a pool? Beachfront? Multiple restaurants?”

Happy planning!” – George, George Wright Travel 

Huge thank you to all the amazing suppliers who contributed towards this blog <3
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