What To Wear To An Engagement Shoot

You’ve booked your photoshoot, you open your wardrobe, and you have nothing to wear. Don’t panic!

Here are my top tips for what to wear on your Engagement Photoshoot.


Wear What Makes You Feel FABULOUS

Forget about what is on-trend, wear what makes you feel amazing! You want it to fit just right and to bring a smile to your face.


Don’t Worry About Matching

Remember Britney & Justin in their matching denim outfits? You don’t need to match your partner, instead, think about colours and styles that complement each other.


Avoid Text & Big Graphics

Because you’ll be moving around during your shoot, you can bet that in the photos you won’t be able to read the text on your shirt. Same with big graphics, half of it will be hidden due to poses or snuggling up with your partner. Instead, opt for simple patterns or solid colours. You can always add some different textures to add some interest to your outfit.


Layers, Layers, Layers

We live in England, the weather changes the moment you blink, so it’s always worth bringing a few extra layers just in case.


Shoes You Can Move In

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know that my shoots do not involve sitting around, we’re always playing games and running about. I love amazing shoes, but sometimes they just aren’t practical for running around the New Forest or skipping along a beach, so do think about whether you can walk comfortably in your shoes on different terrain.

Clean Nails

I’m not saying you need a manicure (unless you want to use this as an excuse for one, in which case, go ahead), but clean nails are essential. Trust me, you can’t unsee a broken, dirty, chipped nail in a photo.



Rock clothes that show YOUR style. If you love a suit, rock a suit! Love a dress, rock a dress! Love crazy bright colours, you be that rainbow! This is your time to shine, so rock being your awesome self and trust me, your photos will shine so much more for it!

Book Your Engagement Shoot

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