Megan & Simon’s Fort Wedding

The Fort

If you are looking for a completely unique venue for your day, what about a Napoleonic Fort!

Simon & Megan chose the impressive Polhawn Fort for their weekend-long celebrations.

Hidden on the Torpoint cliffs, the fort boasts incredible views and some very unique accommodation.

The Preparations

With the help of friends, family, Wild Flower Florists, and Planning Elegance, they filled the personal touches.

Allowing time for Simon & Megan to enjoy getting ready.

The Ceremony

Married overlooking those spectacular views, Simon & Megan’s beautiful ceremony had everyone in happy tears.

Even their pup was dressed up for the occasion.

Afternoon Celebrations

With laughter in the air, everyone celebrated, played with lawn games, and enjoyed a glass of something sparkly.

Off To The Beach

The fort also boasts its own private beach, so the wedding party and I walked down a lot of steps and decided to have some fun with the group photos!

As you can probably guess, we spent most of the time giggling.

Our Newlyweds

Whilst we were down the beach, Simon & Megan took a moment to take the day in.

Don’t worry though, we were still giggling and laughing the entire time.

The Speeches

Back inside the fort, with all their guests, we were treated to some beautiful, really funny, and touching speeches.


I never fully realised how much I love stick-on tattoos until this wedding!

Simon & Megan had custom stick-on tattoos for their guests, and they were an absolute hit! And yes, some of them ended up in interesting places.

Time To Dance

These guys know how to party!!!

The dance floor was full, with absolute epic tunes blasting throughout the fort.

Best way to dance the night away.
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