Picking Your Wedding Photographer

There are some seriously EPIC kick-ass photographers out there! We’re all different and we all offer different things, so narrowing it down to just one can be really overwhelming.

Don’t panic, as a photographer, I have a few tricks to help narrow that list down for you.


What’s your style?

This first step is all about personal taste. There are editorial photographers, light and airy photographers, romantic, moody, dramatic, ones that love harsh angles, and ones that want everything very soft. Personally, I’m what you call a documentary-style photographer, I like to capture the authentic moment as they happen. Yes of course I do the posed stuff too, but my favourites are capturing the mischief. As I said, it’s down to personal taste, there’s no wrong or right, but it is good to work out what style you like as you don’t want to have photos hanging on your wall that just aren’t you.


What products do you want?

I know you want gorgeous photos, but do you want those digitally or printed? An album? A canvas? USB sticks? Online galleries? Again this is down to personal taste. For example, I never look at printed albums, I have shelves full of them and rarely open them. What I do love is prints! I have loads hanging around my flat and they make me smile as I walk past. Knowing what products you really want will help you narrow down which packages will work for you and may save you some money.


Check their admin

This is probably the most boring point, but do check that your photographer has their paperwork in order. For example, do they have public liability insurance? I’ve had a venue stop me at the door of a wedding and ask to see my insurance certificate then and there (I’m lucky, I take a copy with me). Also, whilst you’re thinking about admin, does your photographer provide you with a contract? Make sure you read it and that you are happy with it.


Ask to see their portfolio

Weddings are very different to studio photoshoots. For example, the light changes constantly at weddings, so you will want to see examples of not just their couple’s photos and posing, but examples that show they can handle low light and dark rooms. By seeing a variety of different photos and light levels will give you an idea of how well they can handle themselves.


Ask for references & reviews

Just like we all check the star rating on Amazon, check your potential photographer’s Google Reviews and Facebook Recommendations.


What if their equipment breaks?

Ask any photographer if they’ve had a nightmare about their camera breaking mid-wedding and they will probably tell you how they woke up in cold sweats thinking about it. Honestly, it’s a serious nightmare situation for us and for our couples. This is why so many photographers carry at least two cameras and a bunch of lenses, if something breaks we have a spare!  I love my camera because it even has a backup memory card so if one of them corrupts, then I still have your photos all safe.


What about Covid?

There’s no way of avoiding this question at the moment and more importantly, don’t be afraid to ask any potential photographers about this, so let’s discuss the elephant in the room. Ask about what happens if you need to reschedule, cancel last minute or if the photographer catches Covid. Every photographer I know is happy to chat about the dreaded “what if”, so please ask if you’re nervous.


Wanna hang out?

You’ve narrowed down your list, so we’re down to a (in my opinion) crucial point, do you really wanna hang out with this photographer? At your wedding you’ll be spending a lot of time with your photographer, so you want to make sure you like them as a person. I highly recommend that you zoom them and have a gossip. If you spend most of the time laughing and smiling, perfect!


There you go!

My top tips for picking your wedding photographer, I hope they’ve helped. Whilst you’re here, feel free to check out my Wedding Photography page. In the meantime, remember to always #ShowYourUniqueStyle

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