Family Shoot with Tessa & Jude


“What you doing today?”

“Nothing, what you doing?”

“Nothing. Fancy a walk?”

My buddy Tessa and her little dude Jude decided to save me from a day of bumming around the flat for an impromptu walk around Bournemouth, cos, why not. Oh, and of course the camera came along as well.

First stop was Boscombe Pier to play some tunes.



Next was Coy Pond, because after living in Bournemouth for nearly 6 years, I still hadn’t been there. Jude excitedly gave me the tour, including introducing me to all the ducks.



We then decided to try a few new prompts I had been thinking of for family shoots.

The first was “Give Mummy a GIANT hug!”



Next was “Find somewhere really comfy to sit so we can ask you some very important questions” so Jude sat in the mud.



“What’s the scariest face you can pull?”



“What’s the silliest face you can pull?”



“What does Mummy look like before her morning coffee?”



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