Everything You Need To Know About Confetti


I absolutely LOVE confetti! It’s fun, it’s colourful, it’s romantic and it’s mischievous, what’s not to love?

Here are my top tips for your grand confetti moment at your wedding.


Check With Your Venue First!

Not all venues allow confetti, so it is important to check with them what they do allow before you start shopping.

Buy A Lot

You might think that one handful per guest is enough, but truthfully, for those grand confetti moments you see on Pinterest you want a lot of confetti. Think about ordering at least 1 and a half handfuls per guest. Yes, that might seem overkill, bit it will create a very dramatic moment.

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What If I Order Too Much Confetti?

Confetti is not just for walking down the aisle! Why not have it during your group photos or your first dance?


What About Bubbles?

Bubbles look great, but my advice is to avoid them if you or any of your wedding party are wearing satins or silks. Certain fabrics show water marks incredibly easily, satin and silk in particular, and you don’t want a water mark on your clothes for the rest of your wedding day.


Dried Flowers?

Dried flowers are a great alternative and can be made at home. Try to use the biggest petals and leaves in your confetti mix, as the small pieces create a dust effect that can be quite itchy.

Also, avoid flowers and herbs that have a strong scent when dried. I once shot a wedding where their confetti mix contained a lot of lavender, it smelt incredible but caused a few people to get a mild headache.


Any Other Alternatives?

I swear, you guys are so creative! I’ve seen surfboard arches, silly string, pompoms and human tunnels.

If you, or any of your guests, are visually impaired, why not consider using bells and small drums for an equally dramatic moment.


When To Hand It Out

Don’t leave confetti on your guests’ seats, trust me, someone will get confetti happy and throw it early.

If you are having confetti as you walk down the aisle, ask someone in your wedding party to hand it out whilst you are signing the marriage certificate.


Walk Slowly

Don’t run down the aisle. You’ve just got married, you’re with your partner and this is your big moment, savour it and enjoy!


Stop For A Kiss

Stop for a kiss as you walk down the aisle, it creates a beautiful moment.

Where To Aim

Remind guests to throw confetti up in the air so it flutters down on to you, and try to resist the urge to throw it directly at your face.

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So What Is Your Favourite Brand Of Confetti?

You got me, I do have a favourite; Flutter Darlings wins hands down.

It’s the perfect size, it’s biodegradable, and you can customise the colours!!! Even the canons are fantastic (although loud, very VERY loud).

I now even have a discount code because I love them so much, if you order from them use LOTUS for 15% off.

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