Now you’re engaged, the bride-to-be will be asked the same question: Have you found the dress yet?

I have been a bridesmaid officially 3 times and unofficially 2 more, I have helped plan weddings, picked venues, flipped through bridal magazines, discussed invitations, music, cake, but the one moment that sticks in my mind is the wedding dress shopping. The laughing as the bridesmaids finds larger and larger skirts, regardless of the bride’s unique style.  The excitement of the bride as she collects a pile of dresses to try on. The nervous waiting of the bridal party, as they squeeze everyone onto a single sofa so they are in prime position. Then the moment the bride walks out in THE dress. The silence in the room, the tears in their eyes, that moment.

Once you have booked your Wedding Day Package with Lotus Photography, you have the option of Say Yes To The Dress Photo Shoot. With the consent of the bridal boutique(s), you plan to visit, I will come along and capture the trip to preserve the day.

In addition to your wedding package, this option is £150 and allows for 3 hours of shopping time, and you will receive a full digital album for you to download your images.

You will need to have gained written consent from the bridal boutiques prior to the day and please be aware that there will be no ‘sneak peeks’ available before the wedding day (I don’t want to give a single hint about your dress away).