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A portrait photo shoot is a fantastic way of showing the world who you are. There’s no need to be formal and have strict rules full of dos and don’ts. Be yourself! Have fun! If you love vintage, baking, the great outdoors, if you’re a writer, a dancer or just have a wonderfully cheeky side, show it! All of my portrait sessions can be … Read More Portraits

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Family Photo Shoots

Families come in all shapes and sizes, so do family photo shoots.  Whether it’s down the beach, in a strawberry field, playing amongst the bluebells or just jumping around on the sofa, once we have found the perfect location, we can create the shoot for your family. That’s what a family shoot is; it’s showing off your family, the connection you have with one … Read More Family Photo Shoots

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Events Photography

No two events are the same, so your events photography shouldn’t be the same either! Parades, concerts, dances, corporate functions, conferences, conventions, the possibilities are endless. Not only do I capture the moment, but I aim to show the energy of the event and your unique style. If you are planning an event, simply drop me an email outlining your requirements and I’ll be in … Read More Events Photography


Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot

Vintage is more than just clothes. There’s a feeling to vintage photos. The elegance of the 1920s, the swing and fun of the rocking 1950s, the peace of the 1970s and the hard punk of the 1980s, each era has its own twist. So let’s celebrate it! You decide on the era and a Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot is customed to meet your needs. … Read More Vintage Inspired Photo Shoot