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Confession: I used to hate having my school photo taken, being told to sit still and smile for the camera is not me. That is why my photoshoots are nothing like those school picture days! A portrait photoshoot should be all about showing off who you are and celebrating what makes you unique. So be yourself! Have fun! If you love vintage then dress … Read More Portraits

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Family Photoshoots

Families come in all shapes and sizes, that’s what makes them so special because no one’s family is the same. That’s why I work with you to create a family photoshoot that that celebrates who your family is. Whether it’s down the beach, in a strawberry field, playing amongst the bluebells or just jumping around on the sofa. That’s what a family photoshoot is … Read More Family Photoshoots

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Events Photography

When I moved to Bournemouth back in 2014, I was genuinely surprised by the variety of events there were. Everyone knows the Air Show, but with parades, flash mobs, concerts, conventions, Comicon, vintage fairs, circuses, bathtub races, you are not about to be bored. Not only do I capture what happens, but I aim to capture the energy, the details, the fun, the mystery, … Read More Events Photography