Why I Love Group Photos

Group Photos are the marmite of wedding photos, you either love them or you hate them.

I’ll be honest before I picked up a camera I HATED them, they felt like a weird version of school photos, but now my love for them has grown.

So here is why I think you should give Group Photos a second chance.

How My Love Started

It all started at the very first wedding I ever shot. I was hired as a “Second Shooter”, which means that I was the assistant to the Main Photographer. He was awesome, and happily showed me the ropes, but when it came to Group Photos, he was not a fan.

We met the Groom and Groomsmen before the wedding at the local pub, it was an exceptionally hot day so everybody was hiding outside.

We were trying to find somewhere a tad cooler for the photos as no one wants to look like they’re melting. “The jungle gym is in the shade?” I whispered, convinced it was the worst idea, especially at my first ever wedding, how could I say something so random.

“I haven’t been on one of those since I was a kid!” The Bestman beamed, “Race ya!”

Within seconds, they were all climbing about, laughing about who got the slide (the Groom won of course), and trying not to rip their brand new suits.

To this day, I’m still so proud of this photo, but the story continues.

Tales of my crazy Group Photo had spread throughout the wedding, so whilst the Main Photographer was taking photos of the couple at sunset, a Bridesmaid asked if I would mind doing a surprise group photo of the girls. “Ummm, OK”. We snuck behind the barn, found a pile of hay, and the results speak for themself.

But They are Just So Boring

They don’t have to be!

And before you ask, yes, we really did all Liz & Michael’s Group Photos on the bouncy castle!

Of course, we can still do the classic lineup photos, but we can always mix them up, and show off some of your personality.

“Group Photos” just means a photo with a bunch of people, it doesn’t mean you have to stand still, arms straight, and look at the camera.


Why They Are So Precious

Go through the gallery on your phone for a moment, don’t worry, I’ll wait.

You’ll notice that in the past 2 years, thanks to the pandemic, you probably are missing an awesome shot with you and all your friends or family.

A single photo where you are all together, laughing, smiling, having a great time.

Carry on scrolling, until you find the last Group Photo, if you had a chance wouldn’t you love to have the gang back together?

OK, on your wedding day you might be wanting to eat those incredible canapes, dance to the band you hired, soak up the atmosphere, but what about taking just a few minutes out to get that photo.

How To Have EPIC, Stress Free, Group Photos

Here are my top tips for getting those awesome shots, without giving you a headache:

  • Limit the number of groups to around 8. Yes, 8. Each photo takes around 5 minutes to snap (usually it’s because someone has nipped to the loo), so pick up to 8 essential Group Photos, you can always add more later.
  • Make a list with everyone’s full names for each photo. It’s so much easier calling for Aunt Bunty Smith, rather than “Aunty Twice Removed, you know, the small one!”
  • Work from the biggest group to smallest group. It’s much easier to send people to the bar after their photo, than it is to get them away from the bar to take a photo. However, always put kids and elderly relatives first, and your Groomsmen & Bridesmaids last.
  • Have a “Person In The Know”, this is someone who knows everyone, and can help round people up.
  • Have fun with it! Laugh, jump, pose, scream, smile, show off who you are and enjoy hanging out with some of the best people you know.

So what do you think?
Will you give the humble group photo another chance?

Ping me an email here to get in touch about your wedding (group photo or not!)

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