Wedding Tips & Tricks Part 4

Part 4 Is Here!

If you haven’t seen this series of blogs before, let me catch you up;

Every November since 2020 has been dedicated to giving you loads of Wedding Tips & Tricks to help plan your big day.

It started with just tips from me, but it has quickly grown to include advice from other wedding suppliers, and this year I even invited my couples to pass on their words of wisdom.

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Now let’s get into this year’s Tips & Tricks…

1: Know How To Bustle Up

If your wedding dress can be bustled up to make it easier to dance in, make sure you know how to do it.

Better yet, ask the bridal boutique to write you some notes or make a video tutorial that you can refer back to.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

2: Check You Vibe With Your Suppliers

Try to speak to your suppliers on the phone or a zoom before you book with them, especially the ones that will be with you on the big day. You want people who you vibe with, and who will help you and your squad feel totally at ease and relaxed, so you can focus on the getting ready fun and then the big celebration.

Hayley, Hayley De Beers MUA, @MsDeBeers 

3: Hide The Password

I found this tip in a Facebook Wedding Forum, and the Bride said I could share it. She recommended asking the venue to hide the Wifi password until after the speeches, that way none of the guests would be tempted to play with their phones and would be present throughout the day.

Now this might sound like a very controversial wedding tip, but as I wedding photographer, I can confirm that I have seen LOADS of people play on Facebook or even watch the football during the ceremony and speeches, so I can understand why some couples might want to consider this option.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

4: Wedding Tips For Mums To Be

Flat shoes are a must! Keep a mini fan in your handbag, and ask about non-alcoholic drink options so you’re not just left with coke or water.

Also, don’t be shy to take a nap if you are heavily pregnant. I was a Maid Of Honour & 9 months preggers and had to leave the wedding breakfast for a nap.

Laura, Baby Mama No Drama, @babymamanodrama_  

5: Where To Hang?

When booking accommodation for your Bridal/Groom prep, make sure there is somewhere to hang your wedding attire.

You’d be amazed how many AirBnBs and hotel rooms DON’T have space to hang clothes, and trust me, light fixtures and curtain rails are not always strong enough. This especially becomes an issue if you are wearing a very large dress, long veil or a cape, as you don’t want the bottom of them getting scrunched up. Find out whether you need to bring a clothes rail.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

6: Check When You Can Check In

Check with your venue what time you are allowed to get ready in the morning, if not staying there the night before. I’ve encountered many times where there are large bridal party numbers and early ceremony times and we haven’t been able to get in as early as we’d like or the bride has to pay an unexpected fee of £300!
Sometimes we don’t realise quite how long hair and makeup can take, especially if you do both, so it’s worth checking these things over

7: Groom Prep

There’s a lot of talk about Bridal Prep, so let’s focus on the lads.

On your big day, make sure the Groom also has plenty of time to get ready, have something to eat, and feel a bit pampered. Why not book in for a hot shave, get a barber to do your hair, or have your nails professionally done? It’s important for you to feel amazing too.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

8: Clear Dome Umbrellas

Stock up on clear dome umbrellas for rainy days to allow photographers to capture the love .. even if it’s pouring!
Oh, and wellingtons for a water garden wedding

Jacci, Upwey Wishing Well Tea Rooms & Water Gardens, @upwey_wishing_well

9: Check For Tags

2023 has been the funniest year for this, so please remember to check your wedding attire for price tags, sale stickers, and security tags.

If you have had me at your wedding this year, you know that I have gotten really good at spotting price tags, but no, I still don’t know how to remove a security tag the shop has left on by mistake.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

10: Fancy A Cuppa?

I ALWAYS get asked if there are hot drinks and if the couple haven’t ordered/allowed for any, I have to disappoint guests.

A fun idea is to set up a hot drink station, so guests can make their own and add toppings, if desired.

Sam, South Coast Weddings, @southcoast_weddings

11: Consider A Translator

I recently shot a wedding where some of the guests were deaf and the couple didn’t want them to miss out on the festivities, so they hired Katy Foot, a Registered Sign Language Interpreter, to sign the ceremony and speeches. That way their guests could enjoy the beautiful ceremony, and laugh along at the hysterical speeches.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

12: No question is a silly question

As a venue we see so many couples that are too worried to ask questions, as they feel it would be
seen as a silly question. We want to assure that no question is a silly question. Most venues come
with a wedding planner or organizer as part of the package, make sure to use their services to help
and guide you. Ask anything you need to, as wedding planners, we love to help wherever we can.

Roxanne, Kingston Country Courtyard, @kingstoncountrycourtyard

13: Be Sweethearts

Picking who will be seated at the top table can cause a few headaches, to avoid this, consider having a sweetheart table with just the newlyweds sat there.

Not only does this avoid any guests feeling snubbed, but it also has the bonus of giving you some alone time with your partner.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

14: Have An Allocated Useful Person

Have someone allocated to check stupid things you’ll forget about, like your tiara or how you’d planned to wear your veil. You’ll forget everything during the lead-up, so just accept that and breathe.

Summer, a 2023 Bride

15: Allow Time To Relax

Always finish your hair and makeup an hour prior to when you need to be ready by. Nothing worse than feeling rushed and under pressure, so relax and enjoy the buildup to the big day. Some of the most wonderful moments with your bridal party are when you getting ready and all excited for your special day.

Becky, French Avenue Bridal, @FrenchAvenueBridal

16: Relax And Enjoy

It’s such an intimate, precious time and it will feel like it goes by with the click of a finger. You will be supported and guided throughout the whole experience, you don’t need to worry about anything. In time your memory about certain things may fade, but what you will never forget is the way you felt. It’s such a big build-up that it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Do things that will help reduce stress on the day, like getting ready early so you’re not rushing or saying positive affirmations if you’re nervous. We love big smiles and giggles. We love tears. Go with the flow. When someone is enjoying their ceremony it radiates and everyone can feel it.

The BCP Registrar Tream, BCP Council, @BCPRegisterOffice

17: Stand Tall

Practice good posture. Not only will it look good in photos, but it also helps make you feel confident and fight those wedding day nerves.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

18: Don't Forget Your Pants!

Feeling incredible on your big day starts as soon as you get dressed. Make sure you choose the right underwear to make you feel comfortable and confident – or even to express yourself! Whether it’s a structured lingerie set underneath your gown or your luckiest pair of boxer shorts, choose what will make you feel special.
For an added memory (and don’t forget a brilliant photo) why not get MATCHY?! Match with your fiancé, your bridesmaids or your groomsmen, and make sure you give a cheeky little flash for the camera. It’ll be another memory to smile back on in years to come!
The OddBalls Team, OddBalls,@MyOddBalls

19: Be Selfish

Now, when I say this, I don’t mean trample all over your partner/significant other and do it all your way. I mean, do what you both want with no consideration for everyone else. Harsh? Maybe! But this is the very first moment into YOUR marriage, not theirs! If they don’t like how you want to share this, they don’t have to come – you invited them, you didn’t hold them hostage! That being said, if you don’t want to invite everyone’s +1, don’t! Again, your day – you’re not there to make sure everyone has the best day, it’s about ensuring you and your partner have the most magical day full of love and gratitude.

Dawn, BourneFree, @BourneFreePride

20: Everyday Makeup Trends Vs Wedding Day Makeup

When looking at makeup, the latest trends in makeup might not quite work for your wedding day and in particular being photographed (a lot!). For example, applying a lot of highlighted makeup to give a ‘shiny’ look can potentially make your skin just look greasy on camera, especially if it’s a sunny day!

Be authentically you, don’t follow the crowd……….(or be persuaded to!)

Kirsten, Kirsten Sare Makeup Artist, @KirstenSareMakeupArtist

21: Let Them Eat Cake

Rather than saving your wedding cake for the evening, why not serve it as an alternative to dessert during your wedding breakfast?

Just remember to have your photo taken cutting the cake before you’re seated to allow the kitchen enough time to portion it up.

Angela, Mon Bel Amour Cake Craft, @mon.bel.amour

22: Share Your Creative Vision

If you are planning a DIY wedding and have hired your props and decor on a DIY basis, it is a good idea to dedicate someone you can trust to set up your props. You will have been planning your big day for a while so you will have a clear vision of how you want everything to look, but not everyone will have the same creative style and imagination.

Pick your most reliable friend or family member and get together before your big day so you can run through everything you have hired and how you would like them styled.

Alternatively, consider hiring an On The Day Co-Ordinator to set up everything.

Tash, Mae & Maple Prop Hire, @maeandmaple

23: To Share Or Not To Share

Before your wedding, discuss with your partner whether you are happy for suppliers to share images of your wedding on their websites & social media.

I have a full blog about this, but the simple version is that under GDPR you now “opt-in” for suppliers to be able to share images rather than “opt-out”.

As a photographer, of course I love being able to share the images I’ve taken of your wedding, but if your job has a strict policy about social media, maybe you have foster kids, or you simply want to keep your day private and intimate, know your rights.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

24: Book Your Hair & Makeup Trials Well In Advance!

Ideally, the wedding hair and makeup trial should be carried out 2-3 months before your wedding day (we know, this seems like ages away!) however, food for thought….
  • Is your free time limited due to work commitments or children?
  • Are you saving up your annual leave for events like your hen do or honeymoon?
  • Does your Hair and Makeup Artist work part time or full time?
  • Are you a teacher? Would you prefer to organise your trial for during the half term or school holidays?
If any of the above resonates, not only will you want to book well in advance, but ensure that your chosen wedding makeup artist and hair stylist offers weekend or half-term appointments.
During the peak wedding season, Makeup Artists and Hair Stylists are usually in high demand so you could potentially miss out on having a hair and makeup trial if you leave it too late to book!

25: Can You Strut Your Stuff?

Before you treat yourself to a pair of Manolo Blahnik or Jimmy Choos for your wedding day, take a moment and ask yourself “Can I walk in these at my wedding venue?”.

You may be able to rock stilettos are home or the catwalk, but if you’re getting married at the beach, what about the sand? Will those platforms be comfortable at your clifftop ceremony? Can you skip through your woodland wedding in your Mary Janes? And this is not just advice for the ladies, guys I’ve seen you also struggle with your wedding shoes, pale beige suede and fields don’t normally mix.

Yes, treat yourself to a pair of gorgeous shoes for your wedding day, just make sure you can run around your wedding in them.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

26: Freedom Of Venue

Dreaming of saying “I do” on a beach, in a magical garden, or at a registered venue?

A celebrant wedding gives you the freedom to choose ANY venue that speaks to your hearts. Your wedding, your rules!

Miranda, Miranda The Celebrant, @MirandaTheCelebrant

27: Preserve Your Special Day

Once your wedding day ends, your wedding flowers don’t have to fade away. Press them into a stunning frame! It’s not just a keepsake; it’s a burst of colour and texture that’ll brighten your home for years to come. Watch those memories bloom anew every time you glance at this symbol of your love and connection.

Paige, Earth Tone, @Earth_Tone__

28: Don't Forget The Crochet Hook

If your wedding dress has buttons down the back, the loops can be a little fiddly. Bring along a kirby grip or crochet hook and you can use the end of these to loop over the buttons.

Anneliese, Chameleon, @chameleonbride

29: Only A Few Curls?

When looking for a potential style, try to find an image that has similar colour, texture, length & thickness/fineness to your own. Keep an open mind and be guided by your Hairstylist as they have the knowledge to know what will work and what won’t!
And never use the phrase “I only want a few curls”, a Hairstylist never ever just does a few curls! You need your style to last possibly from early morning to late night. These curls have to be done properly to make them last, and by using the right products and hair equipment your Bridal Stylist really does know best!

30: #ShowYourUniqueStyle

I say it every year, and I stand by it!

It’s YOUR wedding day, forget the “shoulds” and “it’s traditional”, your wedding day is a celebration of you as a couple, so do it your way.

Emily, Lotus Photography, @LotusPhotographyUK

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