Vintage Summer Fun Part 3 MeadowSweet

I love cottage flowers. There’s so many textures, colours, a mix match of flowers that somehow make you instantly feel relaxed. There’s also something particularly ‘vintage’ about cottage gardens, even in a block of flats, a window box filled with daises instantly makes you feel transported away from laptops, YouTube, the hustle and bustle and just make you smile.

In the third instalment of Vintage Summer Fun on the lead up to Lotus Photography at Poole Goes Vintage, I got to try one of Bournemouth’s best-kept secrets.

We have lots of florists, but MeadowSweet Posies is something unique.

Lotus Photography Bournemouth Meadow Sweet Florist 15

Created by Sophie, she offers beautiful posies delivered to your door on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly subscription. I could gush about her varied life (she used to be a zookeeper in New Zealand!) instead I urge you to go to her bio and check it out for yourself, it’s well worth a read.

She is passionate about growing British flowers, so her posies contain around 96% homegrown flowers, and I don’t just mean ‘homegrown’ as in ‘grown in the UK’, a large proportion are actually grown in her own garden.

When she invited me round to see what she was growing for upcoming posies, I couldn’t say no. The garden feels so tranquil, calm, filled with fragrant flowers, all protected by her two cats, Skipper & Private, who roam the garden (she named them after the penguins in Madagascar).

She explained that by growing the flowers herself, she could provide flowers that were in sync with the seasons, as so many people don’t have as much time as they would like to spend in nature, this was a little touchstone they could enjoy. I am 100% one of those people, so I excitedly ordered my first posy.

Lotus Photography Bournemouth Meadow Sweet Florist 54

Deliveries are made every Friday, so I had to impatiently wait for my posy. Then, it arrived!!!!!!

Lotus Photography Bournemouth Meadow Sweet Florist 56

Sophie is not only passionate about her flowers but the environment as well, so I carefully unpacked my box as she had explained she likes to reuse them, you just leave them out when your next delivery is due and she takes them away. Even the vases can be returned and reused to prevent filling landfills.

Lotus Photography Bournemouth Meadow Sweet Florist 55

Each posy comes with a leaflet showing what it contains. The smell of jasmine wafted over me as I read about the chocolate cosmos, sunflowers, sweetpea and lavender.

When I first met Mr Lotus, he described my flat as a ‘white box’. It’s been a few years since then, but the walls of the flat are still pristine white, so my little posy sang!

Even Newt wanted to inspect the colourful new arrival.

There will be lots of posies from MeadowSweet on display on Sunday 15th July when Lotus Photography is at Poole Goes Vintage, but if you can’t wait until then, check out the Meadow Sweet website, Facebook and Instagram, to see what other seasonal flowers she has growing.

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