“How do you fancy going to Venice?” “Um, OK.” I know, there are days I can’t believe my own luck, a weekend in Venice.

So off we went, a quick flight from Gatwick and we were faced with our first decision; how to get to the hotel? Water Taxi of course!

I confess, I didn’t know a lot about Venice. I knew it’s in Italy, it’s made up of lots of islands and it floods a lot, but beyond the masks and gondolas I didn’t know anything. Well, there’s no time like the present to learn!

But first the masks…

And the gondolas…

As well as masks and gondolas, Venice is famous for it’s beautiful Murano Glass pieces. I have always loved glass artwork, but this is a whole different level. After a quick water taxi, we arrived at the Vetreria Artistica Colleoni – Murano Glass Factory, an island filled with artists creating stunning glass pieces. Before you think that I photographed EVERYTHING, you should know that they have a strict no photography policy in most of the gallery, artists do like their secrets.

But the artists are not confined to just one island, Venice boasts an eclectic beautiful mix of talents.

As many of you know, I have a habit on holiday to go exploring off the beaten track. I love to see where the locals live, to see what makes the country the way it is. So, wearing my comfiest (waterproof) shoes, I was off!

(Tip: head for the Rialto Market about an hour before it closes. You can spend an hour wandering around and if you are eagle-eyed, you’ll spot the local restaurant owners running out, buying the freshest fish, then dashing back to their kitchens to create a delicious lunch. Mine was a swordfish risotto.)

“But what about St Mark’s Square?!” I hear you cry “You can’t go to Venice and no go to St Mark’s Square!”. Do you honestly think a little water would stop me?


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