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Who has ever thought of running away with the circus? If it hadn’t of been for the clowns, I probably would have.

With artists like Pink learning aerial silks, circus skills are growing in popularity, but did you know you could learn them in Poole?

Tucked away in The Project Climbing Centre in Poole, is the Secret Circus. Run by Emily, you can learn the aerial hoop and silks, this is an awesome secret to know about and I got invited to come down and have a look.

How did the Secret Circus begin?
We started as a group who wanted to do some extra training. Then friends wanted to come and play with us. And then friends of friends and since it has grown into 10 classes a week over the past 5 years. It’s the most wonderful life surprise to have something that’s grown organically and been shaped by its own community. The studio space that we have at the Project amongst like-minded companies has been pivotal to our growth. 
What’s your favourite circus skill you’ve learned?
Silks are my chosen apparatus. My most favourite is anything that feels like flying, even if it’s just for a second. 
How is it different from a normal exercise class?
Firstly I think its because it just feels like playing, so you don’t notice so much that you are working really hard. Personally, it’s because there is an endless amount to learn (I get bored easily), so however strong or flexible you get, there is always something to work on. Coming from an arts background I love it because it’s a creative challenge as well as doing something physically demanding. For our students, we endeavour to send them home from every class having made an achievement. We also have a gold star sticker reward system, everyone loves a sticker. 
Can anyone join in?
We cater to every ability level! We just have to be careful during and after pregnancy and if you have injuries that may worsen with aerial.
How has photography affected your business?
I love that everyone takes photos and videos of their moves and posts them on social media. Our students’ online enthusiasm has, I’m sure, helped to grow the business, thanks guys! 
What’s your motto in life?
It’ll be fine. (Mainly when I’m persuading someone to go for a drop) But I think it applies to the rest of life. And be thankful for what you have.

Now you may think that all I did was take photos and ask questions, guys, you must know me better than that!

First was the silks. Emily had the patience of a saint, as it turns out I have zero upper body strength. None. Did that stop me? NO! Emily found a trick that I could do, and I was quickly laughing as I held myself in the air. When I asked the other students about their upper body strength, they quickly assured me that they had started totally unable to hold themselves up, but that is what is fantastic about the class. Due to the trainers’ knowledge, each student quickly had developed upper body strength, as well as coordination and a lot of core strength, it just took practice.

Next was the aerial hoop. Turns out, I’m a hoop person. It also turns out, that a friend I have who also attends the class, and she had no problem picking up my camera and taking some photos of my first attempt. That’s right! I managed to strike a pose in the hoop on my first attempt, me, smug, yes very much so.

It really didn’t feel like a workout at the time, I was too busy laughing and planning my future circus career to appreciate what I was doing.

If you would like to know more about Secret Circus, visit their website and follow them on Facebook.

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