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Bournemouth is filled with talented entrepreneurs, artists and musicians, honestly, there’s loads of them! Once a month Lotus Photography dedicates a blog to highlight one of these amazing people.

In this month’s Talented Bournemouth feature, I got to catch up with Wendy from Sapphire Styling Hair & Makeup.

You might remember Wendy as the Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist (MUAH) from the Vintage Shoot back in September 2017.

With 25 years experience in the industry, Wendy started Sapphire Styling in 2010, having been a successful mobile hairdressing. Now she has expanded to not only Wedding Makeup and Hair Styling, but also Dolly’s Vintage Makeovers offering vintage-inspired makeover parties.

How did you start your career as a MUAH?

It’s what I’ve always wanted to do. I got myself a Saturday job when I was 13, I lied about my age as I was a bit young to be working there, and I worked my way up in salons until I opened Sapphire Styling & Dolly’s Vintage Makeover parties. 

You’ve just opened your new studio.

Yes! It opened October 2017, which is in Horton heath just outside Wimborne. It’s not on the high street, so it’s very intimate one on one service salon experience offering hair and makeup. I also do all my bridal trials, but I’m still available for mobile service for makeovers and wedding days.

The mobile side is great, as I can offer Dolly’s Vintage Makeover parties for hen parties, get-togethers, photo shoots and vintage events. 

What’s your favourite vintage era?

I love the late 40s and early 50s, but Marilyn Monroe is my biggest icon and she was the most famous in the 50s. I would love to do her makeup, that would be amazing!


I have styled all sorts of vintage eras, from the 1920s-1970, I like the glamour of it. I have done some period makeovers, including Victorian and even further back. I tend to do the older ones for photo shoots rather than theatrical as that’s a different style of makeup. 

What’s the experience like for a Sapphire Styled bride?

You’d come to the studio for your trial, and we would discuss your ideas. Most brides already have their dress sorted, so it’s great if they can bring in a photo as we can plan to fit the style and cut of the dress, as well as how to incorporate any accessories she’s chosen, like the vial or fresh flowers. I have a selection of accessories in the salon so we can have a play, but if the dress is quite detailed it’s usually a case of less-is-more. 

On the wedding day, I would meet them at the hotel or at their house and get them ready for the big day. 

I saw a vlog on YouTube where the MUAH said her bag weighed 10kgs, how much does yours weigh?

I have a suitcase full of makeup! I invested in it last year as I have the makeup as well as the hairdressing items, I can’t always park outside my appointments and my back would kill me carrying these giant metal boxes of makeup around. It doubles up as a mobile workspace. 

Do you have any tips for any women about to have a makeover?

I don’t tend to give them any instructions for the trials except not to wear any makeup, as I like to see what type of hair they have and how their skin is. 

For the big day, as a rule, if their hair is going to be up I’d say wash it the day before, but it all depends on the condition of their hair. If their hair is very coarse, their hair might be still too soft the next day, everyone is different.

What’s the best thing for removing makeup?

I like micellar water for my skin as it’s quite gentle, Garnier Micellar Water is my favourite as it disintegrates mascara without irritating your skin. 

What are the three makeup items you always have on you?

Lipstick…that’s probably it for me, I’m not great at carrying around makeup when it’s just for me! I like red, pinks and corals in the summer, or a nude lipstick depending on the rest of my makeup. If I’ve done a smokey eye I wouldn’t match it with a bright red lipstick, it’s too much, like the rule in fashion about showing off your legs or your chest. Less is usually more.

I’ve never managed to do a smokey eye, it just looks a mess on me!

It’s all to do with your brushes and blending. You don’t have to just use black, you can use colours like golds and browns. The ‘dark’ doesn’t have to cover the whole eyelid, add some lighter colours to the side nearest the nose of the eyelid to make the eye look brighter.

Which brushes do you recommend?

MAC brushes are always good, or you also could try SmashBox or Estee Lauder. Good brushes go a long way.

I confess I don’t look after my brushes.

You need to wash your brushes regularly, baby shampoo is perfect as it gets rid of any dirt and oil. 

So we’ve covered brushes and makeup remover, now for the real challenge: Eyeliner! Which is best, liquid, gel or pencil?

I prefer gel, NYX Epic Black Mousse Cream Liner with an angle brush is great. 

With upcoming Royal Weddings and fashion trends always changing (I still don’t understand the obsession with eyebrows), how do know what the next big thing is?

I follow a lot of people on Instagram and see what styles are popular. At the moment I love Hair & Makeup By Steph, her stuff is lovely! For vintage, I follow Carl Brown Hair as he creates some amazing looks. 

How does photography influence your job?

It’s very very important, I do a lot of photo shoots for marketing. Pictures are everything now in what I do! I now take photos rather than use a mirror to show someone the back of their hair so they can see it properly.

What’s your life motto?

Life is what you make it. 


You can find out more about Sapphire Styling by visiting the website or following them on Facebook or Instagram.

If vintage is more your style, visit the Dollys Vintage Makeovers website, Facebook or Instagram.

A special thank you to the beautiful Alex, our professional model for the shoot.

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