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Bournemouth is filled with talented entrepreneurs, artists and musicians, honestly, there’s loads of them! Once a month Lotus Photography dedicates a blog to highlight one of these amazing people.

This is a band that needs to be seen to be believed, and I adore them! The Mother Ukers describe themselves as “The Band [that] take on modern day classics with their ukuleles and forge them into timeless wonders of a bygone era with the power of ‘Ukular Fusion’ Warping time and Space… The Mother Ukers are ‘The Ukulele Band’”

When I have previously told friends about them, they have raised an eyebrow; “they play modern music on ukuleles?” “AND rock music!” I gush.

So when the band agreed to be in this month’s Talented Bournemouth feature, I was over the moon. But where to meet? I would need somewhere as unusual as them…the New Forest Fairy Festival was the place.

Although it was not the best weather for a festival (one of the few days it’s rained this summer) the guys were up to their festival best and quickly had the crowd on their feet dancing.

So how did you meet?

Jonty & Luap met at a ukulele club. Barnaby joined later, when the original Bass Chap retired.

How did you become the Pioneers of Ukular Fusion?

We had to undergo a secret ritual involving time travel and mystic beings.

What are your favourite songs to perform?

Firestarter is great to play as no one is prepared for it – we don’t announce it and wait for the look on people’s faces as the penny drops. Too Good To Be True is a blast, as everyone sings along.

Any funny stories from the road you can tell us?

There was one time in Birmingham when Barnaby burnt his foot in a sauna, which led to many amusing hours in A&E. Jonty’s search for samosas at Camp Bestival and Luap’s Weston Super Nightmare, which is still too delicate to talk about.

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So besides some amazing uke skills, any other hidden talents?

Jonty is a whizz at drawing and can play the Didgeridoo

Luap is a Wizard and part Womble, so very good at making things.

Barnaby is the car boot king and a skilled skateboarder

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Any cool gigs coming up?

We have Swanage Folk Festival on the 8th September which is always great fun. Also, we are playing Yeovil Ukulele Festival on the 9th September. It’s always worth checking our gig guide at www.motherukers.com to see if we are nearby.

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How does photography influence you?

As an act with a very distinct image, photography is a great asset for us. It helps to give people the right impression and flavour of what we are.

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What’s your motto in life?

To The Future!

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Want to find out more about the Mother Ukers? You can follow them on their website or on their Facebook page.

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  1. Great review on one of my favourite groups. I have seen them play many many times at all different sorts of venues and they never fail to please the crowd. People are soon dancing young and old which in today’s world is a great thing. Also check out the guys new CD Ukular Power it is absolutely fantastic. I am learning the Ukulele myself and the Mother Ukers have been a massive influence and inspiration, so thank you guys. Danny

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