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Who else sings in the shower and thinks they sound like Adele? I can guarantee that I don’t sound anything like her (apologies to my long-suffering neighbours), but Bournemouth does have the answer, Jax, better known at Inspired By Adele, has only been performing her tribute act to Adele for a year and has already become incredibly popular. I went to see her at the Cumberland Hotel to see what she could do.


How long have you been singing?
From school age, I was in school musicals and the school harmony group which ignited my love of performing, however, my mum will tell you that I used to stand on a footstool and sing to all the guests of the Hotel I grew up in from the age of about 4. I’ve always been used to an ‘audience’, professionally I’ve been singing from about the age of 18 so around 17 years


How did you end up ‘becoming’ Adele?
For a long time, people would compare my vocal tone to Adele’s, but I was never interested in singing her music as her style wasn’t really suited to the venues I performed at at the time so, to be honest, I think I knew maybe 3 of her songs and rarely performed them. I worked full time behind a desk in the hospitality industry and gigged occasionally when I could fit it in, so I never had the time to even think about the possibility of tribute work. Then I had my beautiful daughter (she’ll be 3 in February) and I had to make a choice to go back to work at a desk full time or sing and spend my days with my little one, for me it was a no-brainer, so it gave me the time to explore the tribute world, do my homework, study the British Icon herself and set the wheels in motion to add ‘Adele tribute’ to my list of performance options as a vocalist. It took me almost a year to create the show that I wanted, hours and hours of research, learning how to move my body the same way that she does, finding the right costume, and styling my own wigs and also training and strengthening my voice to reach the notes that she does and pick up her diction whilst singing, I had to learn a completely new way of singing but the journey was really interesting and I learned a lot about my own voice in the process.


What has been one of your highlights so far?

Definitely Bournemouth Pride! (Bourne Free) Lea Martin who hosts and organises the Bandstand and lower gardens celebrations is an old friend and we reconnected last year through our music, he kindly invited me to headline the festivities as Adele and it was a really beautiful afternoon. The response from the crowd was amazing, they were all singing every word and the gardens were packed, however the thing that really moved me that day was seeing children, families, the elderly, and everyone in between sporting their rainbow colours and uniting, supporting and sharing a voice with the amazing LGBTQ community that we have in Bournemouth. Their faces looking up at me and singing with pride and energy all the words to Adeles iconic hits was such an experience. And when I started the encore ‘Someone like you’ the gardens erupted with voices filled with love, joy and passion as I saw strangers link arms, hold hands and sway whilst they sang at the top of their lungs straight at me. They were louder than I was! Definitely a highlight, and such an honour.
(You can see a video of this on her Facebook page. I was there, it was AMAZING)


What’s your favourite Adele quirk?
She has so many, from her down to earth personality to her iconic arm movements through to her singing in no shoes (she tends to kick them off mid-performance) but my favourite is one I found as I was researching her and watching all the videos I could I noticed she had a little podium with her that would hold a cup of tea. She would walk around chatting with a mug of honey tea in her hand as if she was having a chinwag with you in her own front room, which I found really drew me in as an audience member, it created a warm and relatable persona and I loved that it was just standard practice, so I replicate this on my stage as I’m all about the little details, and the Honey Tea is delicious, and really soothes my throat so win-win!!


I can’t believe it’s only been a year! You’ve done so much! What would you like to do next?
I know it’s been such a whirlwind already and I have so much more than I want to achieve with my tribute as I fall a little bit more in love with Adele everytime I perform. I would absolutely love to take the show overseas next year with my live band and a theatre tour would be incredible, touring the show throughout theatres up and down the country would be a dream! But next year, in particular, I’m looking to set up a big charity event in Bournemouth to raise money for but most importantly awareness to 2 amazing charities  Tommy’s, and The Daisy Network.
Why did you choose those 2 charities?
Tommy’s is an incredible charity they fund research into miscarriage, stillbirth and premature birth, and provide pregnancy health information to parents. One in four women lose a baby during pregnancy, and birth and they want every parent to have the best possible pregnancy outcomes and to take home happy, healthy babies.
I personally have friends and family members affected by these heartbreaking issues, so this is very close to my own, and I’m sure a great deal of others hearts.
The Daisy Network is a charity dedicated to providing information and support to women diagnosed with Premature Ovarian Insufficiency, also known as Premature Menopause. This is something that I’ve been recently diagnosed with. It was 5 years ago (I was 30) when my menopausal symptoms started and only in the last few months has my new Doctors Surgery started full investigation and treatment, I had never heard of Premature Ovarian Insufficiency (early menopause) let alone what that could mean for my future and my doctors didn’t know much either. It’s so important that awareness and support is raised to let other women know it happens, what the options are and that it most certainly is not the end! After being given the news that I had POI and therefore having our dreams of a child slowly peeled away from us we never gave up HOPE and then it happened!!!  I fell pregnant after being diagnosed and being advised that the chance of falling pregnant was only 5% (less if you’re medically overweight) she earned the title of our little miracle, and now a beautiful, healthy, happy 2-year-old she beat the odds and turned us into a family of 3. Bella HOPE Walker.


How does photography impact what you do?
Photography is such a vital instrument in my success as a vocalist, the world of social media requires you to keep things visually interesting alongside anything you have to say, so every post I make is accompanied by a video or a photo, my marketing material wouldn’t exist without the power of photography and I couldn’t advertise my services as an Adele tribute (soundalike and lookalike) without using a visual to accompany my bio’s and write-ups, my website is full of promotional photo’s as well as my Instagram account and Facebook page. If I didn’t use any photography in my business as a vocalist I wouldn’t be where I am today FACT!!
What’s your motto in life?
“Be nice to the people on the way up, because you might see them on the way down”

My parents instilled this into me at a young age and it has stuck with me throughout my years and I apply it to all aspects of my life and hopefully will teach my daughter the same humility and humbled take on her interactions with people from all walks of life.

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So what did I think about her show? GO SEE IT! Not only is Jax an amazing performer, but she can hit those notes as well as create a fantastic party atmosphere. If you don’t believe me, check out the audience’s reaction (by the way, if you were the Birthday Girl when I was there, get in touch! I’ll send you a copy of the photos).


Special mention also to the Sounds of Sam Smith – Tribute, who also sang that night. Well worth checking out his Facebook page.



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