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Bournemouth is filled with talented entrepreneurs, artists and musicians, honestly, there’s loads of them! Once a month Lotus Photography dedicates a blog to highlight one of these amazing people.

This month, I met up with Vanessa, a local freelance graphics designer who has launched, not 1, not 2, but 3 different brands (and I thought I was busy!) called Cookie Design Cards, Rude Cookie Cards, and Sunshine Beams Shop and she has even more planned!

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So what do you do?

 I’m a freelance graphics designer, but I also have my own range of greeting cards and for 2019 I’ve launched a diary based on bullet diaries.

Tell me about the bullet diaries

Bullet diaries and bullet journals are a way of using traditional diaries differently. The idea being that you write all your tasks and tick them off as they are completed or an arrow for items that have been moved to a later date. Nothing gets lost and it’s a great visual way of keeping track. 

If you search for bullet journals on Instagram, you can see some amazing, colourful designs, but before I designed the Cookie Design Bullet Diary, I got so sick of drawing out my own my pages for my bullet diary. I would find myself falling behind each week, having to create designs, trace them out, redraw them, and I’m a graphic designer! So I designed the pages, so I could easily fill them in rather than having to constantly create new pages.  It’s all brightly rainbow coloured and simple to use. I also found that a lot of people who write bullet diaries are into self-development and all the self-development books I’ve read discuss having a daily ritual, showing gratitude, meditation and affirmations, so I’ve designed it to incorporate all of that.  I’ve also included a wheel of life which is used a lot in life coaching. 

It’s March, is it too late to start one?

Not at all, I’m running a sale on them at the moment and I’m hoping to launch a range soon which will allow you to write your own dates in then you can start it whenever you want. 

So what else do you sell?

On Cookie Design Cards I sell sweet happy greeting cards, like the unicorn design. Whilst on Rude Cookie Cards I sell cards that the Cookie Designs customer may not approve of, they are very VERY rude.

It’s fun when I meet people as I can guess what type of customer they would be, whether they are a Cookie or a Rude Cookie. The people you think wouldn’t be into the rude cards, usually are the ones who are!

And of course, there is Sunshine Beams Shop which sells the diaries and tools for personal developments. You can also find all the cards on Thortful.


When did you start doing graphic designer?

I’ve drawing since I was younger, I decided to go to art college when I left school, I didn’t know what I wanted to do, I just knew that I enjoyed art. I began to think about what would actually make me money, what would actually be a good job, that’s when I thought about graphic design. 

Admit it, did you always end up drawing in your textbook? I always ended up doodling eyes.

Yes! It’s always eyes isn’t it! Although it’s funny, when I joined an agency, I was convinced I couldn’t draw. You have to work incredibly quickly and I can’t work like that, I like to take time over my designs. Everyone there kept telling me “you can’t draw” and I ended forgetting that I could draw, I just kept listening to their negative comments. I had to get my positive vibes back and get back to drawing. 

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Where do you get your inspiration from?

Everywhere. I get a lot of ideas from things people say, I’ll hear something and think that has to go on a card. I have loads of notes on my phone of ideas.

What’s the most famous thing you’ve designed?

My claim to fame…Back in the day when I worked in Corporate, I designed the Dominos Stuffed Crust logo and some of their menus. I’ll be like “I did that”. It’s funny because when I was at college, I remember that the Dominos’ menu used to look really cool and I remember thinking how I would love to work with them. Then the first agency I worked for had the contract with Dominos, proves that visualisation works. 

Do you have a vision board?

Yes! It’s something I want to start moving into, using my skills with graphics to help people through life coaching and self-improvement. The bullet diaries are the first step, but I’m planning a lot more. I’m even planning a vegan cookbook as most the ones I’ve found have recipes that are far too complicated and elaborate. I’m planning on creating one that is much simpler and easier for everyday cooking. 

How has photography impacted your business?

I can’t take a good photo, working out the light, the angle. I discovered how important it was to hire a good photographer when I opened my Etsy shop, it took it to a new level! People don’t put enough emphasis on the importance of photos.  

What’s your motto in life?

Just do it! Just get on and do it. I find people put stuff off for so long, worry about what people think or worry if it will work, just get on and do it!

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As well as her Etsy pages, you can follow Vanessa’s amazing designs on the Cookie Designs Facebook page, Cookie Design Instagram and Rude Cookie Cards Instagram.

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