Rose & Dom’s Engagement Shoot

I’ve known Dom for years, in fact, he was a Groomsmen at my brother’s wedding. He has a habit of traveling the world, so when he told us that he had met someone in the queue at an airport we weren’t that surprised. We heard tales of Rose for over a year (she lived in the Philippines) and we could not have cheered any louder when we heard that not only was she moving to England, but they were engaged!!!!!

Things took a turn for the worst with COVID, as that delayed Rose’s arrival to the UK for months on end. So when she was finally allowed to come, you can bet I grabbed my camera and offered them an Engagement Photoshoot (I’ll be honest, this was partly so I could meet the famous Rose – she’s so lovely!).

I headed Worthing to meet them on the beach for a sunset shoot, neither of them had ever done a photoshoot before, but Dom’s known me long enough to know that it wasn’t going to be boring.

Although the wind was blowing, the sunset did not let us down and they both ROCKED their shoot.

I can’t wait to see these two finally get their wedding day <3

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