Poole New Years Bath Tub Race

Happy 2018! I decided to kick off the year in a fit of giggles by attending the Poole New Years Bath Tub Race. I’d never been before, but I had heard tales of people braving the chilly January water in homemade boats made out of bath tubs, but it was so much more.

It started innocently enough, the contestants sailing past as the crowd excitedly watch them get into position.


We watched as Pirates lined up with Batmen, clowns and a bouncy castle filled with Santas.

And then the first flour bomb was thrown. I couldn’t tell you which boat started the war, but they all joined in with flour bombs, snow canons and flares creating a neon orange mist over the water.


The war raged down the length of the Quay as they sailed to the finish line! Then the eggs began to be thrown. No one was safe, not even the Royal Family.



We laughed as the race sailed past us in a fog of orange flour mist, screaming and cheering at all the teams. To be honest, I don’t know who actually got to the finish line first, we were laughing too hard!

Besides, we stayed at the half way point to cheer on one particular team who needed the extra cheers of encouragement…after they sunk.


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