Oxjam Bournemouth 2017

Confession; before this year I didn’t know what Oxjam was, it turns out it’s a music festival to help raise money for Oxfam. Music and helping charity, I’m there!

Oxfam is a global movement of millions of people who share the belief that, in a world rich in resources, poverty isn’t inevitable. In just 15 years, extreme poverty has been halved. 15 more years and we can end it for good.

I did think about writing a list of all the different ways Oxfam try to help people, but it’s a long list which includes education and emergency relief, so instead I’m going to say please check out www.oxfam.org.uk and read the incredible stories and acts of kindness.

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Teila & Jonny wanted to do something to help, so they arranged 45 bands to perform in 7 venues on the SAME DAY with all the money going to Oxfam. That’s 45 bands, 7 venues all over Bournemouth (that doesn’t even include the run-up events, which involved MORE bands and MORE venues), a lot of volunteers to coordinate and yep, a crazy photographer. Well actually, there was also Russ from Russ Colin’s Photography who was awesome to work with.

The plan had been to split the venues and bands evenly, but Russ suffered an injury the week before so running around Bournemouth was not the most sensible option, so we decided he should snap the main stage, Chaplin’s in Boscombe, whilst I focused on the other 6 venues which were all located in the town centre. Everyone thought I was mad, I would literally be running from one venue to the next non-stop for nearly 12 hours. OK, I’m mad, but I knew which bands were performing and this was the perfect excuse to catch them all on the same day! I was a mad photographer on a mission.

Turns out, I didn’t do too badly, 20 bands out of the 38 that were performing in the town centre.

As for how much we raised, a whopping £3952 with more money still coming in!

A huge thank you to all the bands, venues and to the amazing organisers Teila & Jonny. And do check out all these amazing bands and venues, Bournemouth really does have some talent!

Chaplins & The Cellar Bar Mother Ukers Krista Green Music The Fox and the Owl Charlie Hole Macko Nick Hayward-Young Music @Logan Carter Ojo Rojo Tobias In Flight Sarah Di Battista Plugindave Kimari Raven Matt Underdown Lee Rasdall-Dove Music Shannon white music Joe Boiling Music Kez Music Smokin’ Aces – Cocktail Bar & Whiskey Lounge Hello Hawaii @Stitch Mischa & His Merry Men Joe Hardy Music The Brutal YearsEden Bar & Club Tara Flanagan 27 Days Nicole Mcnally Official Calvin Glen Official Issy Whitlock Official Tori allen Emma Hardy Ollins Lande Music Blue Line Studios Catch Fire The Young Hearts Death By Shotgun Penelope TreeHide Your Eyes DEAD WRONG The Four Horsemen Pub Mikey Ball MusicBurg & The Back Porch BandChoppers Children Def Honk Blues Klauss Shnopplejagen Ezra Lyutfiev Matt Griffiths Singer/Songwriter Rujiero MusicBrewhouse & Kitchen

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