Olga’s Portrait Photoshoot

I initially got chatting to Olga as I was looking for a professional model for a photoshoot I had planned, but as we chatted I discovered something; she had just completed her Masters!

“We have to celebrate! If you could do any photoshoot, anything, what would YOU want to do?”

“I’d love to run in the sea fully clothed.”


It’s not every day someone has such a huge accomplishment, so what was going to be a styled shoot suddenly got spun a round to a portrait shoot to celebrate. Olga was given free reign to be herself, to celebrate her life and run into the sea full clothed if she wanted. She had been working so hard the last few years studying and after 2020 she needed to shake off the last few months and be herself.

We definitely got some funny looks as we started snapping away with West Pier in the background, but we quickly forgot that and I could see her amazing smile come through. Just check out these beautiful happy photos.

Oh and before you ask, yeah, I did get caught by a wave…


Want to shake things off and celebrate being you? Why not book a Portrait Photoshoot, hopefully a giant wave won’t get me next time.

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