Lyndsey & Sonia’s Engagement

Weymouth has been on my list of places to explore for a while now. I know, it’s not exactly far, a whole hour away from where I live, but I never seemed to get the chance to go there. So when Lyndsey and Sonia asked if I would shoot an engagement photo shoot for them there, I jumped at the chance.

Lyndsey had grown up there and volunteered to be the official tour guide, her knowledge is amazing!

We ventured to Pulpit Rock in Portland, excited to explore the dramatic coastline and famous rock formation.



However, we hadn’t fully taken into account how windy it still was after Storm Ciara. As you can tell, this was a more windswept shoot than a traditional shoot.



There’s a point when you have to admit defeat, plus the waves and wind was picking up, so we decided to head back to Weymouth for some classic Fish & Chips!



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