Just The Two Of Use @ Rhinefield House

Remember the phrase “the best thing comes in small packages”? Well this wedding was tiny, but perfect.

Hannah and Jay opted for a Just The Two of Us (plus their bridesmaid) wedding at Rhinefield House on New Year’s Day. It was such a lovely ceremony, the Registrars customised it so the couple could relax and enjoy it, and we all cried during the vows (yes, even me).

We all enjoyed a glass of champagne and then headed out into the gardens. The weather might not have been the sunniest, but those smiles were enough. Seriously, how cute are they!

After exploring the grounds, I left the couple to enjoy a romantic meal in the hotel’s lavish Alhambra Room.

For such a small wedding that only lasted a few hours, it was so intimate and filled with laughter I’m going to remember it for a long time.

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