How To Have An EPIC Micro-Wedding

Thanks to COVID, we’ve gone from big weddings to no more than 30 people and now down to 15.


This has been a huge blow and has obviously caused lots of stress to so many amazing couples.


I’m here to tell you NOT TO PANIC. I know, easier said than done, but I promise you, us wedding suppliers have your back. Whether you are thinking about eloping or holding a micro wedding, here are some tips and tricks so you can still have an incredible, romantic, celebration.



Well of course I had to start here! You know, I’m all about #ShowYourUniqueStyle and even before Covid, I have been offering couples the chance to custom their wedding packages with how many hours photography coverage they want. I’ve shot hours that were 16 hours long right down to weddings that only needed me for 2 hours. Did this make them less magical? NO WAY! The ceremony still made me cry, the couple were still smiling and hopelessly in love and the photos were beautiful (if I do say so myself).


If you’re worried about social distancing, don’t be. I’m rocking my ever-growing collection of gorgeous masks (I think I own more now than I do shoes!) and I work with your wedding venue to work out where I can stand for the best photos without getting too close, Bournemouth Registry Office even has stickers on the floor so I know exactly where I can stand.

Wedding Venues

You don’t need to compromise on a gorgeous wedding venue, there are lots that offered micro wedding packages even before Covid, and there are even more now! Rhinefield HouseOrchid HotelSunninghillThe Scarlet Hotel and Boho Cornwall, all offer mini wedding packages.

Wedding Fashion

You know that I love gorgeous unique clothes and although the shopping experience might be a little different, there are still so many options! Chameleon BrideBrides With CurvesBridal RelovedMy Little Wedding ShopIndieBride London, not to mention if you want a dress quickly ASOS has a HUGE selection as well as unexpected places such as Vintage Clobber and Oxfam Bridal.


Oh and don’t forget, no outfit is complete without some beautiful shoes! LeSoulier my shoe inspiration.


Just because it’s a smaller wedding, doesn’t mean you can’t be FABULOUS!


You can’t throw the bouquet at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have one. I’m so lucky to have met some incredible florists who really ROCK the #ShowYourUniqueStyle message. Floral Couture By Jay and Flowers4 can create unique, modern, vibrant bouquets, not to mention MeadowSweet who grows seasonal British flowers which are perfect for a cottage flower style bouquet.


You can even keep your bouquet by turning the flowers into beautiful pieces of jewellery care of CJP Jewellery


I remember the Crumb Factory telling me all about the science of working out how big a cake you need for the number of guests, they can easily do the maths to create a cake the right size for you.


Or, if you don’t like cake, why not order a dozen wedding biscuits from Biscuits by Sarah B or even wedding lollypops from Emily’s Lollies.

Food & Drink

The current regulations have advised no buffets and smaller tables, which does make sense, but that doesn’t mean you have to something as boring as egg & cress sandwiches (can you guess what I’m eating as I write this?). As well as the venue’s own caterers, there are so many options available to you and can all be adapted to meeting requirements, whether it’s table service, hampers, tiffin boxes, bento boxes, or even creative and unique “packed lunches” (I promise they are better than my sandwich) for you to enjoy. Some of my favourites are White Radish CateringRed Cherry CateringHeena’s Kitchen and Kara’s Vegan Supper Club.


As for drinks, since there will be fewer people at the bar, the bartenders will have more time to make a delicious cocktail! Why not create a custom wedding cocktail for your wedding day?


I swear, I never used to think about having a wedding stylist, but having worked with a few, I know they are worth the money (and can work out cheaper than doing it yourself). Stylists, like Love By Design, offer bespoke packages and have styled weddings of all shapes and sizes. If you want to relieve some of that COVID stress and still have a beautifully styled wedding, this is a great option.


You might think that your only choice is to put on Spotify, but it’s not. Artists like Jax Hall Vocalist are offering to pre-record your favourite songs or even live stream so you can still have those tunes that mean something to you.


Just because they can’t be in the same room as you, doesn’t mean they can’t still be with you on your day. Why not use Zoom to connect with your friends and family so they can join in. Alternatively, create a private Facebook Group for your friends and family and live stream to that. Have everyone dress up, play music and celebrate in the safety of their homes, you just need good wifi and webcam.


The Main Thing To Remember

Everything is possible, especially when you are surrounded by so many people who love and support you, who want to celebrate your love with you. Things may look different from how you expected, but with a bit of #ShowYourUniqueStyle creativity and help from your friends, family and your friendly neighbourhood wedding suppliers, your wedding will still be the most incredible day.


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