How To Create A Vintage Look

I’m so excited about the upcoming Vintage Photo Shoot at the end of the September and The Bournemouth Vintage Emporium will be creating the look for our male model.

Fashion has an amazing history, each era having it’s own distinct style, here are BVE’s top tips for creating the perfect vintage look…


Armed with my new knowledge of how to create my vintage look, I felt it only proper research to visit the Emporium and see what I could find.

If you have never been to the Emporium, I highly recommend it! Treasures ranging from jewellery, clothes, records, books, furniture to dramatic artwork, each room overflows with intriguing items to be explored.

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For me, the item of the day was a Lotus brooch only £6, well it would be rude to leave it behind.


But as any keen shopaholic will tell you, shopping is a workout, in fact it’s cardio. So after doing my best Indiana Jones impression searching for more vintage delights, I felt I needed a break.  BVE offers it’s own vintage tea room with LOTS of cake for weary shoppers. Delicious. Cheers x

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