Hayley & Joe’s Watermouth Cove Wedding


The Ceremony

Hayley and Joe love the beach and going on adventures.

So they decided for their big day, they wanted to have that same vibe.

Family and friends all camped at the beautiful Watermouth Cove in Ilframcobe for the weekend.

The intimate ceremony was held overlooking the cove with just their closest family, the rest of the guests would be joining them later for their grand entrance.

Couple's Photos

We decide to explore the cove for some photos, including the caves which are only accessible at low tide.

And we may have stopped at the newlyweds campervan for a quick burger or two.


Confetti & A Grand Entrance

The guests all lined up for confetti, but were confused as they couldn’t spot the couple.

“OMG! Is Hayley SUPing in her wedding dress?!” One guest yelled. Yes! Hayley & Joe decided to opt for a grand entrance, rather than arriving down the path, they decide they would SUP into their confetti line, and they really did wear their wedding attire.



Full of smiles, everyone headed in for a delicious lunch and to enjoy some games, including a “Guest Who’s Who”.

Although one guest was less interested in the games, and more interested in the pieces of strawberries topping the cupcakes.

Frisbee Golf

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Frisbee Golf before this wedding, but now I’ve played it, IT’S AWESOME!!!

Watermouth has a whopping 5 acres to explore, so to ensure their guests got to take in the views, Hayley & Joe set up frisbee golf targets at throughout the area.

The rules are just like golf, you have to throw your frisbee into each of the cages, and the person with the fewest tries wins. Let’s just say I won’t be quitting the day job to become a professional frisbee golfer, but I will be playing this again next summer.


Sunset Sup

With the sunsetting, there was just enough time for one more SUP.



Back on dry land, before heading in for dancing, there was just one last thing to do…sparkle!


With the waves in the background, everyone danced the night away!

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