Ferndown Golf Course

Back in October, I was lucky enough to be one of the photographers for the Oxjam Music Festival in Bournemouth (you can read about my adventures here) and I donated a photo shoot as a raffle prize.

Julia was the lucky winner and as we discussed what style of photo shoot she would like, she mentioned she had recently taken up golf, “We could do a photo shoot at my golf club” she suggested. We agreed we would do the shoot in the new year in the hope the weather would improve.

I know nothing about golf, it’s not that I don’t like golf, I just genuinely know nothing about it. My knowledge at that point was it’s outside and you try to hit a ball into a hole in as few attempts as possible. That’s it.

She arranged for us to meet at the Ferndown Golf Course and immediately I began to understand the appeal of the sport. The golf course is stunning. It feels like you are a million miles away from everything, even though moments before, I had been getting lost in a nearby housing development my SatNav had graciously directed me to.

We sat down for a quick chat and Julia patiently answered all my questions about golf and even taught me what a ‘par’ was (it’s how many strokes a competent golfer should be able to get the golf ball in the hole). She wanted to have photos to celebrate her love of golf, so I suggested we get photos of her in action.

After waiting for the rain to pass, we headed down to The Alliss course, a course for beginners that was quieter than the main course so we didn’t risk getting in anyone’s way.

She was fantastic, I couldn’t have asked for a better raffle prize winner.

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