Erika & Ryan’s Wedding

Bus Ride

Erika & Ryan’s day was all about fun with their friends, so why travel without them?

They arranged for 2 double decker buses to collect the wedding party, friends, and family from Bournemouth Pavillion for a bus ride to the ceremony at the Guildhall, Poole.

With Erika on one bus and Ryan on the other, everyone was in high spirits on the way to the ceremony.

First Look

Before the ceremony, Erika & Ryan opted to do a first look.

We met in the beautiful cobble street near the Guildhall. Ryan nervously waited as his bride-to-be walked up and tapped him gently on the shoulder.


As you can see, they both looked incredible.

Oh, and you may spot a few cheeky Bridesmaids who couldn’t resist hiding so they could watch too.

The Ceremony

During the vows, Erika pulled out a stack of post-its!

Whenever Ryan is deployed, he leaves her romantic notes written on post-its hidden around their home, it only felt fitting that Erika wrote her rows on post-its and then would stick them to his jacket as she read each one.


You can never have too much confetti!

After the ceremony, our newlyweds celebrated with confetti and a few photos outside the Guildhall.

To The Beach!

We dropped the guests off at the reception, and then continued to Alum Chine, a beautiful beach perfect for photos.

And of course, we had to give Ryan a chance to test out the driving seat of the bus!


The Bridesmaids & Groomsmen were waiting for us at the reception, armed with bubble guns. What? It’s not like they could let them just walk in, they needed a grand bubbly entrance!

Evening Reception

The evening was spent laughing, dancing, a ribbon dance, playing games, and eating cake.

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