Emerald Isle with Willow & Wildlings

When I started photography I was told that photographers are incredibly secretive and they will never EVER support another photographer in their area. I’m so glad to say that was RUBBISH, I’ve been so lucky to regularly speak to amazing talented photographers from all corners of the world, each with their own individual style.


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There was one photographer though that I was particularly keen to catch up with, a photographer I have known since we were 11 years old, Catherine Bulling the owner of Willow & Wildlings. We grew up together in Sussex and now she lives in Ireland with her husband, 5 children and Tad Cooper the family dog. She has created a children’s fine art photography company, so it felt like a great excuse to jump on a plane and visit them all.

After catching up (we hadn’t seen each other in nearly 2 years), complaining that the kids were nearly as tall as us (Paddy, her eldest son, proudly informed me he’s only 9cm shorter than me), the conversation quickly turned to cameras. Which lenses we love, which lenses hated, which software was the best and how we are all slaves to good lighting.

The only-just-smaller-than-us-children were getting restless, so we decided to venture out with a selection of lenses to experiment with new ideas. As she has been taking pictures since the moment her children were born, her children as experts at posing! I would hear screams of “Aunty Emmy look at my pose!” before seeing they were perfectly positioned. It was fantastic, covered in mud, an afternoon of playing with cameras and trying to solve some of the problems we had both experienced.

The moral of this tale? Never be afraid to ask! The world is filled with talented amazing people, if you have a question about how to do something, ask! You never know who might answer.


Do you live in Ireland? If so, check out the Willow & Wildlings website www.willowsandwildlings.co.uk and facebook page.

Live on the South Coast of England? Visit the Family Shoots page for details about capturing images of your family.

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