Colin & Victoria’s Engagement Shoot

I loved photographing these two. Colin originally proposed to Victoria at Knowlton Church in November 2017, so we had to go back (in slightly warmer weather) to take some beautiful photos to celebrate their engagement.

Meeting just before sunset, we spent some time around the church laughing, taking photos and laughing even more.

I must admit, I didn’t know about the ribbon-tree where people tie ribbons to the branches, making wishes and remembering loved ones. A family that was having a picnic nearby, spotted us and sent their kids running towards us with the ribbon from around their cake to tie to a branch! It was adorable being presented with the yellow ribbon with cake crumbs still on it. Colin, dutifully tied it to the heighest branch as Victoria made her wish.

A beautiful couple, who I wish for lots of love, laughter and cake in their future.



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