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Who dreads shopping for jeans? Bad lighting, inconsistent sizing, it can be a stressful nightmare. Sadly, wedding dress shop is developing the same (in most cases, totally undeserved) reputation and I’ve even heard tales of brides panicking that nothing will fit them before they have even stepped in the shop! This is such a sad thing to hear, because the experience is meant to be so much fun and truly wonderful.

Before we worry too much, there are so many boutiques that are breaking this stereotype and are out to make the experience of wedding dress shopping a true dream! One of these boutiques is Brides With Curves in Poole. Kelly opened Brides With Curves after her own experience of buying a wedding dress when she was a curvaceous size 24. As the first plus-size bridal boutique on the south coast, stocking sizes 18 – 32, she is on a mission to make every bride feel beautiful.

To help us show off the shopping experience, Susie volunteered to model and let us following her shopping experience. Now full disclosure: Because bride can order dresses up to 18 months before their big day and we didn’t want to shoot this then make you wait 18 months to see the results (couldn’t risk sharing a bride’s dress before her big day), Susie volunteered to model for us in place of an actual bride. But I PROMISE, we didn’t stage any of the actual experience.



Pre-Shopping Pampering: Wedding Make-Up

Hands up! We know that normally you wouldn’t have your make up done before going shopping. However, we decided that since Susie was letting us capture her shopping experience, a little pampering was deserved. The talented Emma Kay was on hand for some subtle, natural wedding day make up, as well as us picking her brains for every make-up tip you could imagine. This woman knows her stuff!


Time To Shop For Wedding Dresses!

Joined by Susie’s two friends, Tessa and Molly, we headed to Brides With Curves! Initial appointments take 2 hours, so plenty of time to look around, understand the bride’s likes and dislikes, discover her dream gown, and have a lot of fun along the way.



The moment we walked into the shop, Kelly greeted us with the most welcoming smile and the gang quickly started going through the rails! As we went through the rails, Kelly asked about Susie’s preferences, styles she loved and styles that she felt reflected her true personality.



As well as Susie’s picks, Kelly selected a few of her own suggestions and of course, Tessa and Molly got a few picks soon. As Susie changed, the girls…..well they did what all bridesmaids do in bridal boutiques.



So, the photos you have been waiting for, well, the first dress!



The second dress…


The third…






With each dress, Kelly would work her magic, showing subtle changes that could be made to the dress to make it more personal to Susie. Everything from belts, sparkly back necklaces, new straps to a lace cape!



Now I know that you want to see the final dress, but I’m not going to show you which one she fell in love with, that’s a secret! Instead, here’s another “what happens when you’re not looking and Tessa finds a dress she likes”.



So if you are nervous about wedding dress shopping, don’t be, there are boutiques like Brides With Curves were the staff truly care about giving you the most amazing wedding dress shopping experience.  It doesn’t matter if you are tall, short, slim, athletic, curvaceous or bootylicious, you are beautiful! And, you are going to look and feel amazing on your wedding day.

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