Bourne Free 2017


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I grew up outside of Brighton and Pride was something I adore.

To me growing up, it wasn’t just about the equality and acceptance of the LGBT community. To me, Pride is about love. The freedom to love each other regardless of race, gender, orientation or religious background. The freedom to love yourself for the wonderfully unique person you are.

To me, Pride is about celebrating love in all it’s wonderful colourful forms.

So when I heard Bournemouth was having it’s Bourne Free Parade I wasn’t going to miss that! Grabbing my camera I headed down to the start line and began admiring the costumes, floats and superhero-themed fancy dress. Colours, dancing, music, laughing, all the things that Pride (to me) should be about.

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As the last float passed I began to run, I knew a shortcut so I could see it again. However, due to traffic lights stopping the parade, I quickly caught up to them. Out of breath I jokingly yelled up to the Yellow Bus float “my feet hurt, any chance I can hop on your float and take some snaps?”. “You a photographer?” I nodded. “Why not ride the float with us? Hop on!”. WOOOSHH  I jumped on that bus. I don’t know if I was lucky, cheeky or if the universe was making up for the fact I have never won the lottery, but I had the best seat of the whole parade and got to ride the ENTIRE journey. The crowds were amazing. I waved, I cheered, I yelled down to people “strike a pose” before taking photos, I loved every minute.

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A huge thank you to Bourne Free for organising an amazing day and to your volunteers for being wonderful. And a special thank you to Yellow Buses, I always seem to get up to mischief and my nieces and nephews often refer to me as their crazy Aunt, but now for my 3-year-old nephew who knows everything about buses and tractors, I’m the Aunt who got to ride the BIGGEST BRIGHTEST YELLOWEST BUS IN THE WORLD!

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