Becky & Joe’s Abbotsbury Subtropical Garden Wedding

Colourful & Vibrant

Becky and Joe wanted their wedding day to be a bright, colourful, vibrant celebration! Married in the stunning Abbotsbury Subtropical Gardens, this day had everyone smiling!

The Freshest Flowers

Becky wanted seasonal and fresh flowers on her wedding day, and dreamed of picking the flowers herself.

So instead of meeting her at her Bridal Prep, we met at the Abbey Flowers Farm, where her and her Bridesmaid picked their bouquets 20 minutes before the ceremony.

OK, we may have also stayed a little bit longer to feed the ducks.

The Ceremony

Led by the heartmoving Juliette By The Sea, the ceremony was filled with happy tears. There was music performed by friends, readings from family, laughter and stories, and not forgetting the moment they realised there was nowhere for them to sign the certificate, no worries, the Groomsmen had his back!

The Parade

As I mentioned, music was at the heart of this celebration, and Becky’s Dad had arranged for his musical friends to lead the procession through the gardens from the ceremony to the reception.

How Much Confetti Do You Need?

The answer: ALL the confetti!!!

I have never seen such a rainbow of confetti, and I loved it!

Garden Celebrations

As music filled the air, the wedding for into full swing, with laughter, games, and enjoying the sunshine.

A Quiet Moment

I always encourage my couples to take a moment away from the wedding, a precious 10 minutes, to breath and appreciate the day, and the fact they just married their best friend.


You didn’t think the colour was just outside did you? The marquee was filled with colourful personal touches and quickly filled with laughter and stories about the newlyweds. My favourite being that Becky loves swimming in cold Scottish lakes and streams, and Joe always tries to keep her towel warm for her.
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