Ballet At The Old Bakery

I remember my ballet teacher from when I was little. She was tall, thin, very straight and had a cane she would tap to the music with. I could be graceful if I really tried, but I preferred to be free and dance along to the music not caring. I was 5. I didn’t stay in the class beyond the age of 6.

That time never left me and to this day I still catch myself quoting ballet positions or watching a Grand Jete in awe of the muscles and discipline it takes to execute one with strength, power and grace.

One of the great things about being a photographer is Photographer Workshops and the Old Bakery Photographic Studio in Poole hosts fantastic ones. The idea is simple; the host, Richard, will bring in an interesting subject and photographers of all levels take it in turns to photograph it. It is a fantastic challenge as you only have 5 minutes to take your photos so you need to be prepared and be able to think quickly. It helps the subjects are never boring, on previous evenings Richard has brought in sports cars, insects, owls, but tonight was ballerinas.

I watched as each photographer took their turn and asked the ballerinas to strike poses. When it got to my turn I could hear my old ballet teacher pop into my head; “Have you girls warmed up before doing all this pointe work?” They looked guilty. Each photographer is only given 5 minutes, I decided to spend my 5 minutes getting them to stretch.

The buzzer pinged and I went back to the end of the line, but I wasn’t about to put down my camera. Instead, I decided to quietly to take some photos from the sidelines, out of the way of the main photographer so no one would see me.

The joy of being ‘undercover’ with your photography, is that you capture moments that no one else sees.

Finally, my turn again!

The buzzer caught me too quickly, so I was sent to the back of the line again.

Finally, it was my go again, but it was my LAST go. I decided to try something different.

“I’ve seen you pose beautifully all evening, but I haven’t seen you dance yet, so let’s play Russian-Roulette-Dance-Off, whatever comes on the radio you have to dance to and I’ll try to keep up!” – They were amazing!

Huge thank you to Naomi & Bethanie our beautiful ballerinas. If you are interested in attending a photography workshop contact Richard on the Old Bakery Photographic Studio website for details.

Fancy having your own ballet photo shoot? Visit the Portraits Page or Contact Lotus Photography for more details.

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