Alex & Terrance Cardiff Museum Wedding

I have known Alex since I was 16 and we went to Sixth Form together, so I was thrilled when I found out that he was engaged to the wonderful Terrance.

The wedding was held inside the National Museum Cardiff, add a Dr Who twist, I had to be there. When you see the way they look at each other, you understand why I was so honoured to be part of their special day, it was beautiful.

The ceremony was held in art gallery. I have never been so scared to take photos before. It wasn’t the idea of missing a shot or the risk of upsetting the registra (she was lovely), but I was convinced I would accidentally lean back on to a priceless work of art. Thank goodness I didn’t!


After the service, we moved into another gallery and relaxed with glasses of cider as the wedding guests enjoyed the stunning art and celebrated the happy couple. I even stumbled across one guest, madly finishing an original piece of art for them!

We were then moved into the entrance hall. Now I know saying ‘entrance hall’ makes it sound a bit blar, but trust me, this was GRAND! Atmospheric lighting, stunning ceilings, delicious food, then the couple’s own twist of adding vintage arcade games and homemade Welshcakes (Mr Lotus ate mine when I wasn’t looking!) the evening become effortlessly romantic.



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