2023 Goals

Happy 2023!!!

I have so many ideas, goals and dreams for 2023, so rather than keep it secret, I figured I would share with all of you 🙂

If you think you can help me with one of these, let me know. For some of these projects I’m happy to collaborate or offer a special rate.

No 1. More Epic Weddings

Not gonna lie, you lot are amazing at planning EPIC weddings. For 2023 I want to capture even more amazing weddings, more once-in-a-lifetime moments, more love, more dancing, more laughing, and more mischief!

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No 2. Live Music

When I was learning photography I used to go to loads of local gigs to practice working in crowded, low-light, conditions, and I kinda miss it. I love live music, the energy is like nothing else, I would love to work with more bands this year.

No 3. Emily In Paris

J’adore Paris <3

I haven’t been back to Paris in 7 years, I miss it! I would love to photograph a couple, an engagement, or an elopement in Paris.

This is a photo I took on that trip, see, I need new photos.


No 4. Jumping Into A Swimming Pool

Hands up, who else would love to jump into a swimming pool fully dressed?

I don’t know whether I’m gonna do this as a styled shoot, or maybe do a day of mini photoshoots so everyone can jump in the pool, but I want to make this one happen!

No 5. More Photos Of Me

The problem with being a photographer is that you don’t tend to get many photos of yourself. This year I want to do at least 3 photoshoots with me as the subject. This isn’t for vanity, but because I’m so used to being behind the camera I’ve almost forgotten what it’s like to be in front of one (OK, maybe also a little bit of vanity).

If any togs want me as a model, I’m here.


No 6. Even More Creative Shoots

I love a crazy styled shoot, and I’ve been so lucky that people have trusted me with my crazy ideas.

This year, I want to do even more crazy shoots. They don’t need to be HUGE, but I want to create more random off the wall shoots that will just make people smile.

No 7. Work Life Balance

2022 was a hectic year, super busy, so for 2023 I want to improve my work-life balance. More adventures, more time with my friends and family, more self care.

This means that I will be limiting the number of bookings I’m going to take, I want to be able to spend more time really looking after my couples whilst also taking time out to recharge.

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