Brides With Curves Exclusive Offer

Brides With Curves is all about feeling amazing, body positivity and rocking your curves. Lotus Photography is all about #ShowYourUniqueStyle and showing the world how fabulous you are. It was only a matter of time until we teamed up to give you an exclusive offer!

For Brides With Curves brides, if you then book your Wedding Photography with Lotus Photography, you will be entitled to a FREE Engagement Photo Shoot.

I love engagement shoots! It’s no longer “stand here” “do that” “put your hand there”. I want to show off who YOU are, because each couple is different so you can’t use the same rules for everyone. So if you love going for a walk, let’s do you shoot at the beach or in the New Forest. If you are a Great British Bake Off fanatic, let’s get you baking together. If you love computer games, let’s order some pizzas and you can show me how to win the boss fight in one attempt on the latest Tomb Raider (don’t ask how long that took me). Engagement shoots are relaxed, fun, and all about you, it’s a real #ShowYourUniqueStyle photo shoot.

Don’t worry, there’s no tricks or teeny tiny print, it’s super simple. Here are the T&Cs for this offer:

  • You purchase your wedding dress from Brides With Curves.
  • You book your Wedding Photography with Lotus Photography, and don’t worry, it can be the full or half day coverage.
  • You let me know at the time of booking that you’re a Brides With Curves bride.
  • When you have your Engagement Photo Shoot you will receive the fully edited gallery with all the images available to download included in this offer.
  • You can share the gallery with your friends and family so they can download their favourite images (there’s no limit on downloads).
  • You have the option to purchase prints and canvases directly from the gallery.
  • Sadly you can’t swap it for cash value or for a different photoshoot (sorry!).

That’s it! It’s really that easy*

For more information, just ping me an email via the Contact page.


*Although the Standard Wedding T&Cs still apply, again, sorry.