Surfers Against Sewage

So this week’s blog is about the charity Surfers Against Sewage.  Now, I have no official affiliation with this lot, but I used to surf (confession, haven’t surfed in ages) and it is pretty gross when  you are out on your board and you see *gulp* stuff float by you. Since Lotus Photography is not just about gorgeous photos, but is also about helping charities, I wanted to give SAS a quick shout out! 

So what do they do:

“Surfers Against Sewage is a passionate, practical-minded movement of people just like you.
People who love their favourite surf break, the rockpools which kids paddle in on holidays, their local beach , the ocean and who’ve stepped forward to protect it.”

SAS isn’t just for surfers and it’s not just about *cringe* sewage in the water. It may have started that way, but now it’s about creating clean beaches for everyone to enjoy.

Created in May 1991 in Cornwall, this charity has grown and now organises beach cleans and helps raises awareness about environmental issues. They have even done a Ted Talk!

How can we help?

Besides nominating them to receive a donation from Lotus Photography after your photo shoot, there are loads of ways of helping them, why not join one of their beach cleans.

You may have spotted from my previous blog, I once raised money for SAS by doing the Worthing Bird Man in 2013. With retrospect, I think a beach clean would have been the better option.


Where can we find out more?

Check out their website or visit their facebook page 

Surfers Against Sewage

Registered in England & Wales No. 2920815
Registered Charity in England & Wales No. 1145877